Innovative Distillery Manufactures Hand Sanitizers Instead Of Spirits

West End’s first grain-to-glass artisan distillery, Brisbane Distillery, has shifted its focus from crafting spirits into manufacturing large quantities of alcohol-based hand sanitisers, to aid in the efforts to combat the spread of the coronavirus in Brisbane.

A number of businesses worldwide have been struggling to survive ever since the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus. Luckily for some industries, a little creativity and innovation has allowed them to continue on and adapt for survival.

According to owner and head distiller Jon Artheron, the idea of manufacturing industrial quantities of hand sanitisers came to mind after observing the massive demand for sanitising products, not just for local households but even for healthcare professionals who are constantly in contact with numerous patients who have tested positive for the virus.

“​A lot of friends who are doctors have told me that they have run out of sanitising products—this prompted me to investigate how we could repurpose the products and equipment we have here at the distillery,” Jon Atherton said.

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Following communications with Queensland’s COVID-19 taskforce, Brisbane Distillery had finally decided to shift its focus from making craft spirits into manufacturing sanitisers. 

The distillery also gave its assurance that all frontline healthcare workers will have access to the sanitising products that they are manufacturing, as it is one of the crucial items that are needed in containing the further spread of COVID-19.

Purchasing Brisbane Distillery’s Hand Sanitiser

Photo Credit: Brisbane Distillery/ Facebook

Brisbane Distillery’s hand sanitiser can now be ordered for collection at the distillery. Orders can also be placed online,​ and will be processed in order of priority. The distillery has also assured all frontline healthcare workers that they will have access to the sanitising products that they are manufacturing.

Sanitising products for healthcare workers may be purchased at a discounted rate for its 20-litre units. Discount will be given upon the presentation of a business card or a professional registration on collection.

The general public may purchase the hand sanitisers in 5L, 2L, and 500mL sizes.

Gin School Sessions and Vouchers

Photo Credit: Brisbane Distillery/ Facebook

Given that all facilities at the distillery are focused on manufacturing hand sanitisers, all upcoming Gin School sessions at Brisbane Distillery have been temporarily suspended.

However, business still continues as you may still browse through the vouchers on Brisbane Distillery’s range of vodka, gin, and agricole rhum. All these are available for purchase online.

Make Your Own Gin at This West End Master Distillers Experience

Brisbane Distillery at Jane Street in West End brings the “school spirit” to a different level with its very own gin school where you can learn how to make your own distilled botanical-flavoured drink. 

Brisbane Distillery’s Master Distillers Experience is a two-hour class for up to 24 people held above the main distilling room on the top loft. Before the class starts, you’ll go through a tasting session to pick your favourite flavour, which you’ll be making during the class.

Photo Credit: Brisbane Distillery/Facebook

With over 100 botanical ingredients to choose from, you could easily concoct a personalised drink to take home or give as a gift. Some of these ingredients include the basic juniper berries, heaps of herbs, fruits and flowers, or a unique choice of about a dozen Australian bush food. 

Once you’ve picked out the flavours you want, the guiding team will help you distill the drink using one of Brisbane Distillery’s copper stills. Whilst you’re learning the step-by-step process, you’ll also have a chance to sip different gins from the distillery. That’s right — you’re actually encouraged to drink alcohol during the class!

To make the experience more fun, invite your friends along so you can be in the same class together. Sign up for the gin school online. Classes are held at 2:30 p.m. or 6:00 p.m. 

Photo Credit: Brisbane Distillery/Facebook

Brisbane Distillery is currently the only gin distillery in West End. Here, expert distillers can mix a 100ml bottle of personalised drinks but you can also choose from the variety of blends they have at the bar.

This site is open Monday to Sunday from 12:00 noon to 7:00 p.m. but the hours are extended until 11:00 p.m. from Thursday to Saturday.