Yamas Greek & Drink Preparing To Open At The West Village

yamas greek
Photo credit: yamasrestaurant.com.au

Yamas Greek and Drink, a restaurant with focus on authentic Greek cuisine, is preparing to open at the West Village precinct.

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Yamas means “cheers” or “‘a toast to good health” in Greek and as the name suggests, there will be an emphasis on banquet dining and share plates here.

Owners Michael Tassis and Caio Rossetto, the same folks behind Fatcow Steak & Lobster and Opa Bar & Mezze at Eagle St, drew inspiration from the traditional Greek restaurants in Thessaloniki, where you can find many restaurants specialising in Greek mezze.

greek restaurant bne
Photo credit: yamasrestaurant.com.au

As with the eateries around Thessaloniki, where one would be amazed with the seafood options, the new restaurant will have a live lobster tank to ensure seafood will be served fresh.

Yamas Greek and Drink will serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner with menu highlights such as wagyu beef moussaka, slow-cooked lamb leg and chargrilled lobster.

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After a sumptuous dinner, guests can toast over wine, from Yamas’ extensive wine list or from their Aegean-inspired cocktails.

greek restaurant
Photo credit: yamasrestaurant.com.au

There will be a few similarities with its sister venue Opa Bar & Mezze, but it will have a heavier focus on authentic Greek dishes. Designed by Clui Design, the space will be ‘breezy’ and ‘airy,’ making it a perfect destination for get-togethers.

As for the opening date, Yamas Greek and Drink has not released an official date yet. To stay updated about Yamas Greek and Drink’s anticipated launch at the West Village, follow them on Facebook or on Instagram @yamas.greek.