West End Homes at Risk for Destructive Termite Infestations this Summer

Termite Infestations
Photo Credit: Biosecurity Queensland/Facebook

Home and business owners in West End are advised to have their properties checked and treated for termite infestations before the situation gets worse this summer. 

After the dampness brought about by La Niña, termite infestation has gradually worsened in the last two years, based on observations by exterminators such as Gavin Shill from All Year Pest Solutions.

Mr Shill revealed that his team has been doing more active treatments than ever before and the demand for treatments has “gone through the roof” from seven to eight in a month compared to just a couple of services a month in the previous years.  

He said that termites are attracted to moisture or damp spots in wooden structures, and was recently shocked to find a rubber doormat filled with termites because it was too damped.

Biosecurity Queensland confirmed an increased detection of harmful West Indian drywall termites (WIDT) in many homes and businesses, especially wooden buildings and timber structures. 

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The agency said that it has sent out advice to 30,000 residents in West End and Coorparoo, Woolloongabba and Manly to help these owners know what to look for and what they must do next. They advised calling an expert to exterminate and eliminate these pests. 

“WIDT is difficult to detect, and it can establish colonies in concealed areas of houses and buildings that are not easily accessed, Tenting is a very effective treatment method for WIDT.” 

Meanwhile, Mr Shill also warned that the upcoming summer heat might trigger an increase in other pests like cockroaches, rats, spiders, and mosquitoes. Thus, a preventative pesticide treatment, alongside general cleanliness, will come in handy for home and business owners.