Coles West End at The Markets Unveils New Look, New Pet Treat Bar

Here’s something to excite fur parents like a dog with two tails! Coles West End at the heritage-listed site, The Markets, will unveil its new look with some never-before-seen features for Brisbane shoppers. 

On Wednesday, 2 Dec 2020, Coles West End will open one of the first in Brisbane — a pick-and-mix self-serve pet treat bar for pet owners and their lovable four-legged friends. 

This new Coles feature provides a wide range of healthy pet food and snacks, tailored for shoppers who spoil their pets or treat like family.

Since the start of the pandemic, Coles’ customers have increased their spending on their dogs, cats and other pets. Pet adoption and fostering have also spiked to 50 percent, according to the Queensland RSCPA and Animal Welfare League Queensland.

Photo Credit: Healthy Food Crew/Facebook

Meanwhile, Coles West End is also unveiling the new “store of the future” with the Coles Kitchen section filled with ready-made, quick and easy meals in Australian, Italian, Asian and Indian varieties.  

The grocery store’s new open-style bakery will offer flatbread baked fresh every day, whilst the market-style produce section’s layout will provide more room for shoppers to browse and pick their fruits and vegetables. 

“The feedback from our customers has been wildly positive, with many of our locals particularly excited about the new convenience range of meals and the pet treat pick-and-mix bar where they can pick up a wide range of treats and snacks for their furry friends,” Coles West End store manager Tristian Maris said. 

“We’re also thrilled to inject more jobs into the local area by welcoming 20 new team members to the store, including in-store bakers and online service team members who are excited to join our team in offering excellent service and great value products for the community.”

To celebrate the unveiling of Coles West End’s new look, shoppers and workers alike may witness the ribbon-cutting ceremony, speeches and cake at 7:00 a.m. Wednesday.