Ambitious Public Transit Expansion Proposal Includes West End to Bulimba Route

West End to Bulimba
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A new plan has been proposed to add high-frequency bus routes to Brisbane’s public transport network, including a route that would connect West End to Bulimba.

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The West End to Bulimba route is one of 15 new high-frequency bus routes proposed as part of the ‘Brissie Bus Boost.’ The new routes would double the number of services that directly link Brisbane suburbs without requiring commuters to travel through the CBD.

The route, which is being championed by the Greens for years, was previously called the “Green CityGlider.” It would provide a key east-west connection between the high-density residential areas of West End and Woolloongabba and destinations like major schools, hospitals, job centres, and the Bulimba high street shopping area. 

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The planned route would start at the Woolworths in the Montague Markets in West End. It would go along Vulture Street, going through Woolloongabba and East Brisbane on the way to the eastern neighbourhoods. 

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After passing through Norman Park, it would get to Bulimba using Wynnum Road. But based on input from Bulimba residents, the route was changed to take Riding Road instead of Hawthorne Road through Bulimba. It would keep going along Oxford Street before ending at the ferry terminal in Bulimba.

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According to the Greens’ mayoral candidate Jonathan Sriranganathan, this route could easily be expanded over the Brisbane River to service Newstead and Teneriffe later on, if infrastructure like a bus, walking and biking bridge gets built. 

‘Brissie Bus Boost’

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Under the plan, there will be a total of 15 new and 10 improved existing routes that would span 395 kilometres across Brisbane. The number of high-frequency routes would rise from 21 to 43, enhancing public transit connectivity throughout the city according to the Greens. 

Numerous routes would offer direct links to local schools so students can take the bus rather than rely on parents and carers for transportation.

“By creating new inter-suburban routes, buses will become a real option for thousands of people who just need to get a few suburbs over for work, shopping or to see friends. Almost 400km of major road corridor will get a high-frequency ‘turn up and go’ bus service for the very first time,” Sriranganathan said

The Greens have said they welcome feedback on the proposal, stating that public transit should be widely accessible regardless of driving ability or car ownership status.

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They believe thousands of Brisbane residents could avoid frustrations over parking, fuel costs, and traffic congestion if an efficient, conveniently accessible transit system was in place as a viable alternative to private vehicles. 

Published 13-December-2023