West End’s New Sustainable Cafe Soon to Cook What it Grows

Photo credit: Facebook/Alphabet Cafe

Alphabet Cafe, the newest addition to West End’s foodie scene, will soon be cooking what they’re growing at their very own backyard.

Sisters  Zoe and Meghan Tulleners, owners of Alphabet Cafe, are paving the way for ethical and sustainable cafe practices as they work with Food Connect and Loop Growers.

The cafe’s fresh produce is sourced from an established network of local suppliers, their artisan bread is supplied by Danny’s Bread, and their free-range eggs and ethically farmed bacon comes from Echo Valley Farms.

Photo credit: Facebook/Alphabet Cafe

With a major focus on sustainability, the cafe’s backyard at their Boundary Street location is already being transformed into a kitchen garden which will allow them to cook what they grow.

Through the expertise of Loop Growers, the cafe will be able to turn their organic and acidic food waste into fertiliser for reuse in the garden. Not a single thing will go to waste in the Alphabet Cafe as their leftover bread ends are also mixed with excess milk from their coffee service for chicken feed.

Photo credit: Facebook/Alphabet Cafe

The Alphabet sisters are renowned for dishing up unique and delicious baked goods. Now, as their dream of having their own cafe came true, they are ready to serve hungry foodies with delectable food from their menu that focuses on seasonality.

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Photo credit: Facebook/Alphabet Cafe

Want to try something new? Have a taste of their slow-cooked lamb shoulder with roasted cauliflower, tomato, turmeric and jalapeño salsa, homemade flatbread and spiced labneh. This is one of the latest addition to their menu.

The Alphabet Cafe is located at 243 Boundary Street, West End and is open from 6:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. on Tuesdays to Saturdays.

Visit their Facebook page for more information and updates.