West End Recreation Hub is Now Open

Photo credit: freestocks.org/Unsplash

The West End Recreation Hub, the city’s first ever river hub, has officially opened to the public last October and will soon form part of a world-class River Access Network.

The facility located on the Riverside Drive between Kurilpa and Rogers Streets in West End, will provide a river access point and a way for tourists and locals to access the area and local businesses.

Photo credit: Brisbane City Council/brisbane.qld.gov.au

The West End public pontoon features:

  • a new launch site and short-term use area for non-motorised craft including kayaks, canoes and stand-up paddle boards
  • a short-term use area for recreational craft
  • a future water taxi pick-up and drop-off location

Growing your Brisbane lifestyle – explore the river and Moreton Bay

The facility, which is suitable for vessels weighing up to 75 tonnes, will allow crafts to stay for a period of up to two hours, unless otherwise signed by the Council. The 25-metre long pontoon can accommodate up to 10 vessels at a time and could soon be a drop-off and pick-up point for a new taxi service.

“People will now be able to float straight into West End and dock their water craft for up to two hours while they enjoy Brisbane’s New World City lifestyle.

“Anglers won’t miss out either, with Council allowing fishing to take place on the city’s new river hubs as part of a trial,” Deputy Mayor Adrian Schrinner said.

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Over the next 12 months, the Council will monitor the usage of the pontoon and where possible, update all or any of the operation aspects such as duration of stay, signage, and usage, based on community feedback.

Brisbane receives more than eight million visitors a year, however, the lack of short-term river-based infrastructure has limited the opportunities for the visitors’ to experience the Brisbane River. The opening of the West End River Hub marks the beginning of a new era in lifestyle and leisure opportunities for Brisbane tourism, Councillor Schrinner said.

River Access Network

Two additional river hubs, one in New Farm and another in Dutton Park, are also in progress and will soon be opened to the public as part of the growing River Access Network.

River Access Network – New Farm Park and Alice Street

The River Access Network is an implementation plan of the Council for a world-class network of river access infrastructure for tourists and locals to enjoy the Brisbane River

Key opportunities in the River Access Network include:

  • Tour boats – expanded opportunities for pick-up and drop-off of tour boat passengers at key riverside destinations.
  • Water taxis – a new transport alternative for Brisbane, on-demand water taxis are well suited to small group travel for recreation or business as they directly link high density residential areas with key destinations.
  • Kayaks, canoes and paddle boards – an expanded network of access points for these craft at regular intervals along the river.
  • Yachts, small boats and jet skis – new opportunities for short-term use for recreational craft at key destinations.

To know more about the River Access Network, you may visit the Council’s web page.