West End, Highgate Hill Motorists to Follow New Parking Scheme

Brisbane City Council has approved a new parking scheme in West End and Highgate Hill.

The new parking rule will take effect beginning Monday, 18 March 2019, where a two-hour parking limit covering south of Brighton Road and west of Gladstone Road will be imposed from Mondays through Fridays from 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Some car owners with valid permits, however, may be excused from this two-hour limit in areas where there’s a sign showing “RESIDENTS PERMIT EXCEPTED.”

The new parking scheme is the Council’s solution to easing the traffic congestion in the inner-city streets. Some 60 per cent of the residents and business owners in the West End and Highgate Hill areas reportedly supported the initiative.

Photo Credit: Brisbane City Council

“Areas marked in blue will remain unlimited parking for everyone,” Councillor Jonathan Sri (The Gabba) wrote on his Facebook page. “In areas marked red, it will only be possible to park for two hours during the day on weekdays, unless you have a resident permit (in which case you can park as long as you want). No rules will change for weekends or nights.”

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Mr Sri also said that more changes to the parking scheme might be in place before the implementation in March.

“The officers have tried to balance the competing needs of neighbouring residents. Some people wanted more of their street signed as resident permit parking, while others didn’t want any changes to their street,” the councillor said.

Residents who would like to get parking permits may start filing their application online by email, phone, or in person. They have to prepare supporting documents, such as a tenancy agreement and vehicle registration, to confirm their residency and car.

Tenants with a six-month lease, however, won’t be eligible for parking permits. Meanwhile, those who apply for parking permits online may get a hard copy. Residents are encouraged to call 3403 8888 for inquiries.