West End Electrified: Strut & Fret’s New Cabaret Theatre to Ignite Brisbane

Strut & Fret

Are you ready to light up the night? Strut & Fret, the creative force behind some of your favourite shows, is about to unveil its most electrifying project yet: The West End Electric.

Strut & Fret, a global production powerhouse known for its innovative and immersive experiences, has chosen to build its permanent Brisbane home in the West End. After the overwhelming success of their Sydney theatre, The Grand Electric, the company felt it was time to create something special in their hometown.

“Brisbane is where Sarah Stewart and I founded Strut & Fret in 1997. It’s also our home city, where we grew up and where I still have a home,” said Creative Director and Company Founder, Scott Maidment. “We staged our first Brisbane Festival production over 25 years ago in 1998, so it feels very fitting to launch The West End Electric with this year’s festival.”

The West End Electric
Photo Credit: Strut & Fret

The custom-designed venue, boasting a capacity of over 400 seats, will open its doors on 29 August, coinciding with the start of the Brisbane Festival. The inaugural performance will be Strut & Fret’s smash-hit circus-cabaret spectacle, LIMBO – THE RETURN. This awe-inspiring show, inspired by the company’s original LIMBO, which captivated Madonna not once but twice, features a mesmerizing blend of fire-breathing, gravity-defying acrobatics, sophisticated cabaret acts, and a generous flow of cocktails.

Maidment, brimming with excitement, shared his anticipation for the opening: “When we open in August, Queensland audiences will see sparks fly! This is a high-powered extravaganza that will leave you gasping for air and begging for more. Chances are you’ll want to see it twice, too!”

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The West End Electric
Photo Credit: Strut & Fret

With its unique blend of cabaret, circus, and cocktails, The West End Electric is poised to become a must-visit destination for locals and tourists alike, adding a vibrant new chapter to Brisbane’s thriving arts scene.

Published Date 10-June-2024