West End Businesswoman Launches ‘Eye Contact’ App

West End Business Woman Launches New Dating App

A West End businesswoman has launched ‘Eye Contact,’ a new app that encourages people to connect and get to know each other the old-fashioned way.

One of the latest dating apps to hit the market, ‘Eye Contact’ is the brainchild of West End-based entrepreneur Eva Heyward. In creating the app, she drew inspiration from a friend’s personal experience.

Her friend was at a cafe and she saw a man she thinks she likes. After a few minutes of exchanging shy glances, the man left, leaving her regretful that she wouldn’t have any way of contacting him again.

Ms Heyward pondered on how difficult it could be for a woman to find a less conspicuous way of making a connection with a man; and so, Eye Contact was born.

This new dating app allows a person to find a potential match in real-time based on their current location. Without giving away too much personal information, single individuals can discreetly send signals to other people in the same room and get a chance to personally meet and know each other.

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Ms Heyward hopes that her new app will be a game-changer and encourage single individuals to go out and meet new people the old-fashioned way. 

Other Apps

Tinder aside, here are other dating apps that hopeful singles may find interesting:

Bumble – Bumble is like Tinder, but made exclusively for women. It is designed for women who have no qualms about making the first move. The app allows women to send the first message to a potential date, who would then have only have 24 hours to message back or lose the opportunity.

Photo credit: 99mimimi / Pixabay

Hinge – This app is perfect for those who are looking for a long-term connection rather than a superficial relationship. It allows potential dates to get to know you more by making your profile a bit more interesting. Apart from requiring users to upload six photos, they are also prompted to answer three questions meant to reveal more about their personality.

OkCupid – Gender inclusivity is one of the features that make OkCupid a very popular dating site. The app has options for 22 sexual orientations and 13 gender identities. This can get confusing for some but there are those who love knowing the specifics about a potential date and being very clear about themselves from the onset.

Have you tried any, some, or all(!) of these apps?