Unleash the Houdini Within You at These Escape Rooms

Unleash the Houdini Within You at West End’s Escape Hunt

Imagine you and your friends figuring out clues, racing against the clock to find a way to escape a locked room. Experience the thrill and fun at West End’s Escape Hunt and unleash the Houdini within you.

Escape Hunt Brisbane | 177 Russel St, West End

One of the earliest venues of such a theme to open in Brisbane, Escape Hunt offers exciting experiences suited for players over 10 years of age. Find your way out of these highly immersive escape rooms by finding clues and solving puzzles.

Escape rooms currently featured are:

  • Alice in Puzzleland

The Mad Hatter has been accused of stealing the Queen’s Tarts. You have 60 minutes to find them and save the Hatter’s head.

  • Aladdin & The Magic Vault

Get Aladdin’s lamp back and save the genie before it’s too late.

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  • Blackbeard’s Treasure

You are trapped in the cabin as you try to escape a sinking ship whilst carrying Captain Blackbeard’s treasure. You have 60 minutes to find your way out. 

  • Our Finest Hour

It’s 1942 and the world is at war. As MI6’s top agents, you have 60 minutes to find the enemy’s superweapons and destroy them.

  • The Jewel Thief

Six invaluable pieces of jewellery loaned to the theatre were stolen and hidden in the prop maker’s studio. Find and return them before the jewellery company returns to collect their items.

  • Bomb at Government House

You have 60 minutes to find and defuse a bomb planted inside the old Government House and stop an attempt to assassinate the Governor.

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Fox in a Box Brisbane | Level 1 / 150 Edward St, Brisbane City

Did you know that Fox in a Box is rated #1 on Google and Tripadvisor? Discover what teamwork is about and save the world from a nuclear explosion, escape the clutches of a serial killer or possibly create a cure for the Zombie pandemic. 

Fox in a Box’s immersive escape rooms include Prison Break where you are sentenced to life in a maximum-security prison and with all appeal requests denied, you are left with no other option but to escape your way to freedom.

Also check out their other escape rooms: Zombie Lab, Tesla’s Mystery, Head to Head, Bunker and Zodiac Killer.

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Mystic Escape | 79 Hope St, South Brisbane

Located in the heart of Fish Lane in South Brisbane, Mystic Escape takes you into an immersive and interactive escape room experience. Mystic Escape offers classic escape room experiences and challenging murder mystery games good for players aged 16-year-old and up. 

City of Ashes 

You and your team of demon hunters are sent to delve into the secrets of the “City of Ashes”. But you only have 45 minutes to solve the mystery, or you will be forever trapped in this dark city.

The Fairy Tales

As famous detectives, your next mission takes you to the mysterious forest and uncover the secrets that led to a number of disappearances. You need to solve the mystery and make it out alive before the sun sets.


Invited to an unknown place and you don’t remember who you are. When you arrived, you then find yourself and several others who received the invitation and are also struggling with amnesia trapped in this strange place.

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Published 16-February-2023