This West End Walking Tour Will Help You Get into Sustainable Fashion

Sustainable fashion is a growing movement that, among other things, fosters positive changes in the way people buy clothes, shoes and accessories to benefit the environment. If you’re interested in learning about this lifestyle or if you want to find out where to get ethical and locally-made products in West End, then you must join the sustainable fashion walking tour on Saturday, the 7th of Dec 2019.

Britt’s List founder and editor Brittanie Dreghorn will lead the walking tour from 9:30 a..m. to 12:00 p.m. To begin at the clothing shop Nook in Browning Street, Britt will then take her guests to the rest of the stores in the area that cultivate sustainable fashion. 

As a tour attendee, you can take advantage of the exclusive store discounts that come with your ticket purchase to this event. You may also personally speak to the store owners and designers about the ways they create and sell products whilst reducing their carbon footprint. 

Photo Credit: Britt’s List/Facebook

Britt will also impart her knowledge on ethical fashion and renewable energy in manufacturing, as well as highlight Australian brands that are part of this movement. A thought leader in the industry, Britt launched Britt List in 2017 to raise awareness and profile brands that are trying to reduce the damages they create in the Earth.

Each participant in this sustainable fashion walking tour will receive tote bags filled with gifts from the sponsors and stores. Slots are limited to 15 participants. Book your ticket online