West End To Host a Body Positive Pool Party Fundraiser

For the third year in a row, West End is hosting a Body Positive Pool Party and everyone is invited regardless of size, shape, age, and gender.

Aimed at shunning beauty standards and racialised gender norms, this event, which runs on Thursday, 24 Feb, from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. at the Musgrave Park Swimming Pool, is organized by Councillor Jonathan Sri (The Gabba).

It’s going to be a special night for folks who normally feel they can’t celebrate and enjoy pool parties in public because of society’s unfair norms. But the event will also be a chance to embrace a healthy lifestyle.

Vegan meals and vegetarian condiment or sides will be served to guests at the swimming party. Live music will also be presented and among those who have confirmed to perform so far are DJ JAZIC, Huda Fadlelmawla and Massah Sherri from Voices of Colour, and DJ Kundu.

Photo Credit: Facebook/Musgrave Park Swimming Pool

There will also be a special raffle with cool prizes. The venue will have thematically-lined art displays and vendor stalls for guests who might want to do some shopping.

Ticket prices are at $5.00 (unwaged guests), $15.00 (waged guests), $15.00 (unwaged guests with meals and tote bag), and $25.00 (waged guests with meals and tote bags).

This event is a fundraiser to benefit The Gar’ban’djee’lum Network, comprising of LGBTIQ+ members from Aboriginal groups, and the Sovereign Families, which support kids at risk of criminalisation. As such, the honesty police will be observed for the ticket sales.

Plans for the Musgrave Park Swimming Pool Refurbishment Released

Council has recently released the improvement plans for the Musgrave Park Swimming Pool in South Brisbane.

New 15m x 8m Learn to Swim pool. Photo credit: Brisbane Planning and Development Online

The proposed plans for the Musgrave Park Pool refurbishment includes a new 15m x 8m Learn to Swim pool which will be heated and will also have PWD access.

Photo credit: Brisbane Planning and Development Online

Furthermore, the existing 50-metre pool will also have modifications. Improvements to the pool involve the following:

  1. Increasing the depth and width for enhanced water polo activities.
  2. New layout with nine lanes.
  3. Installation of a new elevated concourse with a wet edge on both long sides of the pool.
  4. Addition of an internal ramp for PWD access into the pool.
  5. Addition of heating.
  6. Installation of new pole lights.

Photo credit: Brisbane Planning and Development Online

Other improvements works that will be done in the facility include the following:

  1. Minor alterations to the grandstand and installation of new lighting.
  2. New pool plant plus installation of new equipment.
  3. Improvements in the administration building. These include:
  • a. Refurbishment of change rooms and amenities.
  • b. Addition of PWD amenities.
  1. New entry which includes stairs and PWD access ramp.
  2. A future water play area.

Locals are welcome to submit their comments on the current proposal. To learn more about the proposal or lodge a submission, check the Application Details for A005087519.