5 Things You May Not Know About Ippin Dining, West End’s New Culinary Gem

Perched on the second floor of the South Pavilion, Ippin Dining is a luxurious venue boasting 140 seats and a stunning view of The Common, the open-air space at West Village in the West End.

Ippin DIning has recently opened in West End, thanks to the restaurateur and owner behind Sydney’s Kuon Omakase, Allta, and Funda restaurants, Kenny Lee, brings. This exciting addition to Brisbane’s culinary scene offers a sophisticated Japanese dining experience that is sure to captivate food enthusiasts. 

Here are five things you may not know about Ippin Dining.

Kenny Lee’s First Brisbane Venture

Ippin is the first foray into the Brisbane market for co-owner Kenny Lee, who already enjoys tremendous success with his popular Korean restaurants in Sydney. Allta and Funda have become go-to destinations for food lovers, and Kuon, a nine-seat Japanese omakase, is renowned for its exclusive dining experience. 

Now, Kenny Lee is ready to make a lasting impression on Brisbane with his latest venture, Ippin Dining. 

Ippin Dining: New Culinary Gem in West End
Photo Credit:  Facebook / Ippin Japanese dining 

A Minimalist and Sophisticated Interior

As visitors ascend a staircase adorned with rocks, they reach the second floor of West Village’s Southern Pavilion, where the hidden gem of Ippin Dining awaits amidst a lush rainforest of greenery. 

Inside, the restaurant’s interior design seamlessly blends minimalist and traditional Japanese elements, offering a respectful nod to its neighbouring historic landmark, Peters Ice Cream Factory. 

The combination of natural timber furnishings, black and white marble tabletops, and polished concrete pillars exudes an air of refined elegance. To enhance the cosy and inviting atmosphere, tan banquet seating and plush blue circular booths grace the space, while overhead, curved neon lights cast a warm and intimate glow.

Open Kitchen and Private-Dining Spaces

Ippin Dining:New Culinary Gem in West End
Photo Credit:  Facebook / Ippin Japanese dining 

As guests savour their meals, they can catch a glimpse of the culinary magic happening in the bar and kitchen area. Complete with a breathtaking glass-encased yakitori grill, this section runs along one side of the restaurant, providing an enticing view of culinary craftsmanship. . 

For Kenny Lee, the owner, the kitchen stands out as the highlight of the entire space, radiating an inviting and open atmosphere that enhances the overall dining experience.

At the rear of the restaurant, Ippin presents two charming private-dining areas, capable of accommodating ten and twelve guests, respectively. These intimate spaces offer a warm and secluded ambience, perfect for those seeking an exclusive setting for memorable gatherings. 

Upscale Dining with Luxurious Japanese Cuisine

Ippin has set its sights on raising the bar for dining experiences, not just within West Village but across the entire West End community. Acknowledging the absence of a truly exceptional Japanese restaurant in the area, Kenny Lee and his dedicated team embarked on a mission to deliver a truly upscale culinary affair.

Ippin Dining:New Culinary Gem in West End
Photo Credit:  Facebook / Ippin Japanese dining 

Originally envisioning a concept that exceeded the ordinary, they ultimately pushed the boundaries further to offer an extraordinary fine-dining experience featuring the finest Japanese cuisine. The culmination of their efforts is a remarkable eleven-course degustation menu, meticulously crafted to showcase a synergy of exquisite flavours and artfully presented dishes.

Ippin Dining: 5 Things You May Not Know About West End’s New Culinary Gem
Photo Credit: Instagram / ippindining_official

On 27 July, don’t forget to drop by Ippin to experience their Tuna Showcase which starts at 5.30 pm with welcome drinks, leading up to the Live Tuna Cutting Show at 6:00 pm. The event features exclusive auctions of fish parts showcased during the show, lucky draw, and sake tasting for an additional $30.

Additionally, Ippin presents an unforgettable Happy Hour affair featuring Yakitori every Wednesday and Thursday, starting from 3 pm.

The Unforgettable Eleven-Course Degustation Menu

Diners at Ippin have the opportunity to embark on an extraordinary gastronomic adventure through their delectable eleven-course degustation menu. 

Each course is carefully crafted to delight the taste buds and ignite the senses. From the luxurious Bluefin Tuna Toro-taku accompanied by sea urchin and caviar to the mouthwatering Robata Grilled Tooth-fish infused with Saikyo Miso, every dish is a testament to culinary artistry. 

The menu also boasts culinary delights such as Barramundi wasabi leaf san boy chow, Wagyu Tartare, Chawanmushi, Tempura Moreton Bay Bug, Truffle Savoy Cabbage, Chazuke, and concludes with the delightful finale of Roasted Green Tea Warabi Mochi. 

To experience the culinary wonders of Ippin Dining, head to South Pavilion, West Village, 2/97 Boundary St, West End.

Published 13-July-2023