Honest Cooking Shines at Gum Bistro, Newest West End Bistro

West End has a fresh face on the dining scene with the opening of Gum Bistro, an intimate 40-seat restaurant showcasing honest, produce-driven cooking.

Occupying the former Pasta Club space on Boundary Street, Gum Bistro is the creation of chef Lachlan Matheson and sommelier Phil Poussarts, both alumni of the acclaimed Pasta Club.

The reimagined space has undergone a brightening makeover with white-painted panels, pops of greenery, bespoke stamped napkins and local artwork lending a cosy, considered ambience. But the real star is the concise, MetCommets focused menu.

Matheson’s seasonal cuisine allows quality local produce to take centre stage, be it the textbook duck liver parfait with Riser sourdough or the cold squid salad with fennel, chicory, and lemon to start. Standout mains include the vegetarian-friendly vegetable pot pie and the crowd-pleasing sweet corn agnolotti pasta.

While expertly crafted cocktails named after guitar riffs are available, oenophiles will be eager to explore Poussarts’ curated wine list during their visit. The experienced sommelier has sourced an interesting array of rare finds and varieties during previous tenures at esteemed spots like Pilloni, Essa and Hobart’s Fico.

With its intimate, welcoming ambience, locavore sensibilities and intriguing wine program, Gum Bistro looks poised to become a West End dining destination for honest, flavourful cuisine. Reservations are recommended to secure a table at this hotspot.

delicious. Celebrates The Flavours of West End

Three West End dining places have recently been recognised at the ‘delicious. 100 Best of the Best’ awards as standout gastronomic experiences in a suburb where the dining scene has grown increasingly eclectic and diverse.

Quan Thanh’s Luscious Laksa Secures Second Spot for the Laksa Category

Photo Credit: Facebook / Quan Thanh

At Quan Thanh, a family-run establishment, the aroma of Vietnamese, Chinese, and Malaysian fusion cuisine tantalises taste buds. Their famed laksas, embracing vermicelli and hokkien noodles, deliver a symphony of flavours. Options abound: chicken, beef, barbecue pork, vegetables, crispy skin chicken, roast duck, or the signature seafood mix featuring squid, prawns, fish, puffed tofu, and fish balls. The daring can opt for an extra spicy kick, elevating the culinary adventure.

Cà Phê Nam’s Authentic Pho Transports Palates to Hanoi

Photo Credit: Facebook / Ca Phe Nam

Cà Phê Nam, nestled amidst West End’s vibrant tapestry, claims the fifth spot for the Pho category, offering an authentic taste of Hanoi with its fragrant Pho. This culinary haven perfects the art of Pho, achieving a delicate sweetness through meticulous simmering and herbal balance. Tender beef, silky noodles, and a harmonious combination tantalise the senses, capturing the essence of this Vietnamese classic.

Anita Gelato: A Sweet Symphony in Third Place for Ice Cream Category

Photo Credit: Facebook / Anita Gelato

Anita Gelato, the Brisbane outpost of a globally-renowned gelato shop, beckons dessert enthusiasts with queues that snake out its doors. Crafted using the freshest local ingredients, their hand-made frozen delights encompass over 150 diverse varieties. From frozen yoghurts and sorbets to sugar-free, fat-free, soy-based, and real cream-based ice creams, flavours like Snickers and pavlova tempt those seeking pure indulgence.

Published 18-December-2023