Subtropical River Garden or Madness? New 12-Storey Building Proposed for West End

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A new 12-storey residential development is being proposed on Victoria Street in West End, and while the developer is touting it as a future subtropical river-garden, Councillor Jonathan Sri (The Gabba) thinks it would be madness to let such a development push through.

Crown Group has lodged a Development Application for a residential tower with 446 apartment units. These would include 1-bedroom to 3-bedroom apartment units and penthouses. The proposal involves building a 10-storey building with a two-storey podium on a lot area of 10,766 square metres.

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Architectural firm FJMT, which designed the building, said they drew inspiration from the Brisbane River and the Hinterland beyond when they came up with the gentle and fluid design for the building.

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The idea was to create homes instead of apartments, with units provided with private gardens and balconies of at least 12 square metres. Residents would also be provided with communal landscaped spaces. The building is U-shaped and turns towards the river to take full advantage of the views.

The design boasts a central garden with an infinity waterfront pool and a communal garden terrace for residents. This subtropical riverfront garden concept is in keeping with the Buildings that Breathe guidelines of the Brisbane City Council.

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Death-Trap Intersection

Councillor Jonathan Sri expressed dismay over the proposal. He asserted that it would be madness to approve such a proposal, which does not comply with the neighbourhood plan.

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Cr Sri explained that while the proposal states that the plan is for a 12-storey building, the building looks more like a 14 or 15-storey structure.

A vocal fighter for affordable housing, Cr Sri said that what the neighbourhood needs now are safe pedestrian crossings and not luxury penthouses.

“The council can’t cram more people into an area without improving public transport facilities, or traffic congestion will just get worse and worse,” he said.

He also noted that upzoning the area for high-density residential development is based on a premise that the council would first build a new CityCat terminal at the end of Victoria Street. That has not happened yet.

“West End needs more medium-density public housing and affordable community housing – not more,” Cr Sri said.

Find out more about the West End Development Application (A004827228).