Proposed 5-Storey Residential Building on Amersham Street, West End Faces Opposition from Neighbours

Amersham West End Development Application
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A five-storey residential building could rise at 8 &10 Amersham Street in West End should a development application by Amersham Street Pty Ltd be approved. But this DA is facing some strong opposition from people in the neighbourhood.

The proposal calls for 23 residential apartments consisting of eight 2-bedroom units and 15 3-bedroom units. Two basement levels will provide 39 car parking spaces, 35 of which will be for residents and four spaces for visitors.

Designed by Arkhefield Architecture, the development would provide residents with their own private open space in the form of balconies and private terraces. A rooftop terrace will also be built for recreational use and will give residents beautiful city views.

Amersham West End Development Application
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Local Opposition

Locals living within the vicinity are voicing their concerns and opposition to the proposed development. Their foremost concern is the height of the building. They say that the 6-storey height does not conform to the low-medium density residential zone. Submissions state that the area is limited to building height of three storeys.

In response to this particular issue, the developer said that the site is not subject to the 3-storey height limit as it is within the boundaries of the South Brisbane riverside neighbourhood plan which allows buildings of up to 5 storeys.

The developer also insists that the building is only 5 storeys from the ground plus basement levels. Due to the sloping land, however, part of the basement at one side protrudes by more than one metre above the ground.

Submissions also noted the lack of setback which should be at least 6 metres. Some locals are also concerned that the development would negatively minimise natural light and breezes at surrounding homes and businesses. Neighbours also raised the issue of the negative on their privacy.

Some residents raised the issue of the negative impact of the proposed building to the character of the neighbourhood. They also noted the impact of the development on the heritage and character houses in the area.

Other issues raised include the lack of green space in the proposal. Neighbours are also concerned that the addition of 23 apartment units will further worsen the traffic flow in the area.

Find out more about Development Application (A004967838).