New Wine and Vermouth Bar to Grace Brisbane’s West End

West End

Nicholas Sebar and Shaun Kelly, two accomplished figures in Brisbane’s hospitality industry, are gearing up to launch Bar Hugo in West End. 

Both hailing from impressive backgrounds, with Mr Sebar formerly managing the award-winning Savile Row in Fortitude Valley and Mr Kelly having served as maître d’ at South Brisbane’s Bacchus, the duo is set to infuse the heart of West End with a unique blend of top-notch wines, vermouths, classic cocktails, and European cuisine.

The decision to establish Bar Hugo comes after years of contemplation by Mr Sebar and Mr Kelly, driven by an undeniable opportunity presented by the property along Hardgrave Rd. Nestled in West End, this locale boasts abundant potential, featuring a lush garden at the rear, alfresco footpath dining at the front, and a compact kitchen ready to churn out their delectable European-style offerings.

West End
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An Inviting Ambiance

Anticipate a transformation of this blank canvas into a welcoming haven, marked by an abundance of timber elements complemented by vibrant splashes of yellow. 

Bar Hugo will accommodate approximately 60 patrons, offering seating at the bar, dining tables, and comfortable leather booths. Mr Sebar envisions this establishment as the type of place you casually stroll by and pop in for a drink.

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Inside Bar Hugo, patrons will have the delightful task of choosing from an impressive selection of around 60 wines and 20 vermouths, along with an array of low-ABV cocktails, including the signature “Hugo spritz.”

Mr  Sebar aims to strike a balance between old-school charm and modern production techniques in the wine list, offering a captivating mix of old and new-world wines, with an emphasis on outstanding French and Australian selections.

Vermouth Exploration

The vermouth selection at Bar Hugo will span various regions, encompassing Australian, French, Italian, and Spanish varieties, alongside other intriguing discoveries handpicked by Sebar himself. The focus here is on showcasing the diversity of vermouths worldwide and their ability to shine as stars in cocktails.

Complementing this diverse beverage menu, Bar Hugo will offer classic European wine bar fare, including bread, cured meats, crudo, two protein dishes, including fish, two vegetarian options, a tantalizing cheese selection, and delectable desserts. Sebar underscores that the cuisine will be substantial, served in an entree-sized style.

Bar Hugo is fervently working towards its grand opening, targeting late February or early March. This venture promises to be a delightful addition to Brisbane’s ever-evolving culinary and nightlife landscape, beckoning patrons to explore a world of delightful flavours and libations in the heart of West End.

Published 17-Jan-2024