Masked Protesters Challenge West End Development

Masked Protesters Challenge West End Development

For the past month, local authorities had to establish a constant police presence after a small but determined group of masked protesters sought to obstruct a construction crane at a multimillion-dollar unit construction site in West End.

Comprising around 20 individuals with their faces shrouded by ski masks and bandannas, denied any affiliation with the militant construction union CFMEU. When questioned, one of the protesters claimed allegiance instead to a group named Rage Against the Machine.

The masked protesters voiced their discontent with the Pradella Group’s exclusion of affordable housing and a sizable public green space. Their decision to obscure their identities stems from alleged incidents of violence and unwarranted surveillance.

According to the unnamed protester, one of their comrades was struck on the head by an unidentified person, whilst construction workers allegedly filmed their activities, including an invasion of privacy targeting a female protester.  

Police, however, said that they have not received any formal complaints regarding these alleged incidents.

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Businesses in the vicinity have reported concerns from customers, expressing unease and a sense of insecurity.

Numerous objections voiced concerns about the company’s project, known as The Lanes, specifically its potential impact on West End State School and the local road infrastructure. 

In response to the protests, Pradella Developments issued a statement highlighting their commitment to alleviating Queensland’s housing crisis. However, they expressed difficulties in addressing the protesters’ concerns due to their refusal to disclose their identities. 

The company emphasised the impact of the interruptions on small business subcontractors and their employees, whilst also striving to minimise project delays and inconveniences for the local community.

Published 30-May-2023