Homeless Man Shares His Passion for Piano Outside QPAC

Closeup of Piano Keys
Photo Credit: Pexels/Pixabay

An amazing musical talent can be seen performing every day right outside the Queensland Performing Arts Centre. Meet Shane, a familiar sight at the Cultural Precinct, homeless but not friend-less, as he shares his talent on the piano with a growing list of admirers.

It all started when a young Shane walked by a ballet school in the inner Brisbane suburb of West End and heard his first piano music. He didn’t know what it was. He just knew it touched a chord inside him and he wanted to make music like that.

Since then, Shane has been playing a public piano outside QPAC because he says he does not get shunned away or hassled when he is there. He says when he sees a piano, he gets an urge to play it.

Completely self-taught, Shane’s fingers glide effortlessly across the keys, bringing the instrument to life. The lack of formal music education doesn’t seem to hamper him as he plays whatever popular music comes to mind, showing admiring onlookers how music can break through the barriers of poverty and homelessness.

Shane outside QPAC
Photo Credit: 7NEWS

To those who watch him play, Shane’s story is about more than just his musical talent. His performance is a remarkable display of how music can heal and transform.

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When he plays, Shane says he finds solace and a way to express himself. His music brings people together, offering a sense of unity that goes beyond societal barriers.

On most days, Shane can be found outside QPAC, ready to share his talent with anyone and everyone who will stop and listen.

Published 22-May-2023