Dance24: A Fusion Of Culture, Talent, And Innovation

Metro Arts launched Dance24
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Prepare to be dazzled as Metro Arts unleashes Dance24, a thrilling dance extravaganza set to electrify Brisbane’s West End! Get ready to immerse yourself in an exciting lineup of talks, seminars, performances, and networking galore.

Dance24 will ignite Brisbane’s West End with a burst of creativity from May 22nd to June 1st, 2024. Its foundation is a dedication to presenting a diverse range of dance expressions, with a focus on Queensland’s emerging talent. Two highly anticipated world premieres are included in the festival’s mainstage programme: Olivia Adams’ “Matriarchs” and Amy Zhang’s “Gameboy”.

Photo Credit: Website/ Metro Arts

“Matriarchs” explores the historical accounts of Indigenous femininity and provides a close-up look at the real-life experiences of earlier First Nations women. Olivia Adams, a budding Indigenous artist whose outstanding resume includes work with Bangarra Dance and performances for Karul Project, highlights her distinct viewpoint in this moving modern piece.

Photo Credit: Website/ Metro Arts

In contrast, “gameboy” explores issues of endurance and rivalry through the use of video games, internet culture, and Japanese game shows as inspiration. Prominent dancers William “Billy” Keohavong and Ko Yamada bring Amy Zhang’s vision to life on stage as she explores the nuances of online persona and real-world decision-making in this piece.



Photo Credit: Website/ Metro Arts

Join DANCE24 at Factory Lane for their Community Connect mixer to kick off your Friday night on a high note. Come to a special event that Wanida Serce and Metro Arts are hosting to network with other artists and dance enthusiasts.

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This event guarantees to start your weekend in style, whether you’re making new connections or renewing acquaintances in the industry. Take advantage of this fascinating feature of DANCE24, the experimental dance event that takes place from May 22 to June 1.


Photo Credit: Website/ Metro Arts

Come to Metro Arts Studios for an exclusive masterclass on heels choreography featuring Kim Smit. Kim has eight years of professional dancing experience in Australia, Europe, and the USA.

She has performed on stages with well-known performers, including Natti Natasha, TYGA, and Kehlani. Explore the nuances of heels foundation, technique, and choreography intended for dancers with intermediate to advanced skills.

Upgrade your abilities with this exceptional chance to pick the brain of an accomplished expert. a component of the avant-garde dance festival DANCE24, which takes place from May 22 to June 1.


Photo Credit: Website/ Metro Arts

Experience the vibrant world of Bollywood dance with Drea Lam, Director of Dance Masala and creator of ITEM, in a lively workshop at DANCE24. Dive into the heart of Bollywood’s energetic rhythms and dynamic movements as you learn typical Masala Bollywood dance steps.

From action-packed sequences to heartfelt romance, Bollywood movies offer a unique blend of genres, and this workshop captures the essence of it all. Don’t miss your chance to groove to catchy tunes and immerse yourself in the excitement of Bollywood dance during this special event at DANCE24, part of an experimental dance festival running from May 22nd to June 1st.

Dance24 is about more than simply career advancement; it’s also about community involvement. While events like Studio1’s Sandpit and Exchange offer a behind-the-scenes look into the creative process, weekly mixers give artists and dance aficionados alike the chance to network and create in a dynamic setting.

“Dance24 is a joyful celebration of Queensland’s richness and diversity in dance,” as Genevieve Trace, Executive Director of Metro Arts, so eloquently puts it.

Whether you’re an experienced performer, an inquisitive viewer, or just someone who enjoys moving, Dance24 extends an invitation to you to experience the wonder of dance and learn about all the opportunities it presents.

Published Date 01-April-2024