Century-Old Soda Factory in West End Sold for $42-M

Soda Factory
Photo credit: Soda Factory West End/Google Maps

The iconic Soda Factory in West End has been sold this week for $42 million in an off-market deal to a private investor.

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Located at 79 Boundary Street, the site is a cornerstone of the community, anchored by a Coles supermarket and supported by 21 retailers, primarily focusing on food and allied health services.

The sale was negotiated by CBRE’s Joe Tynan and Michael Hedger. Tynan highlighted that they had been collaborating with the investor for an extended period and identified the Soda Factory as a key target. A direct approach to the vendor enabled them to negotiate and secure a favourable outcome.

The buyer, an esteemed commercial and residential group, is known for its active market presence and strong ties to the West End area, according to CBRE.

A Century-Long Legacy

Soda Factory
Tristram’s Grey Street Factory (Photo credit: triscofoods.com.au)

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The Soda Factory’s rich history dates back over a century, named after the Tristram soft drink factory that once thrived on the site. Thomas Tristram founded the original company, T Tristram Essences, in 1875, not long after arriving in Brisbane. 

Initially operating from his family home at the corner of Grey and Hope Street, the company moved to Boundary Street in West End after the council requisitioned the original property for road improvements.

Soda Factory
Tristram’s factory on Boundary St (Photo credit: triscofoods.com.au)

In July 1929, the Tristram family acquired the Boundary Street land. By January 1930, Thomas Tristram had engaged the renowned architects Atkinson, Powell, and Conrad to design a state-of-the-art factory. The Tristram soft drink factory operated until 1979, after which the business transitioned into Trisco Foods, now managed by the fifth generation of the Tristram family.

Transformation and Redevelopment

The former soft drink factory was transformed into the West End Market Shopping Centre during the 1980s. In 2001, Heritage Pacific redeveloped the site, creating a mixed-use major retail facility and residential apartments. The property changed hands in 2014 when SCA Property Group purchased it for $32 million.

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The recent sale to the private investor marks another chapter in the Soda Factory’s storied existence, ensuring that this historic site continues to be a vital part of the West End community.

Published 25-June-2024