Brisbane State High School: Among the Best and Most Sought-After State School

Photo Credit: Brisbane State High School / Facebook

Suburbs will benefit from rising demand as parents look for a home to buy in the sought-after state school catchment areas, such as the top performing Brisbane State High School, experts say.

Using the NAPLAN results, Better Education website’s list of top high schools ranked schools according to their State overall scores, from the highest score of 100 to the lowest of 60. Brisbane State High School was top-ranked, which scored a perfect 100. Based on OP/IBD results, on the other hand, Brisbane State High School ranked third among public schools in Qld with 50 percent of students receiving OP 1-5.

As families with school-aged children seek for homes to buy in the catchment, sought-after schools are also pushed to capacity, forcing the government put some state schools, like the Brisbane State High School, under Education Queensland catchment management plans, to control out-of-catchment enrolments.

Photo Credit: Queensland Government /

The 2018-released new school catchment map coupled with the 2018 NAPLAN and OP outcomes, will work to the advantage of those suburbs that remained in the zone, experts predict.

The median house price in West End as at 31 December 2018, was $1,042,500 or 4.25 percent higher than it was in 2017. Fifty-two houses were sold from 1 Mar 2018 – 1 Mar 2019, according to, bringing the new median house price in West End at $1,080,000, higher than the state average of $495,000.

Tens of thousands of dollars premium on a house is but a small price to pay, though, to get a home in the prized public school catchment zone, as parents view it as an investment both in their home and their children’s education.

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