This ‘Secret’ Pasta Bar Brings A Taste of Italy in West End

Looking for a restaurant away from the crowds? Check out CJ’s Secret Pasta, an intimate 14-seater located in a backstreet of West End’s foodie quarter.

This tiny restaurant is perfect for families and small groups, because aside from the private dining experience and the sumptuous food, you get to dine in an ultra-casual fashion with the venue’s warm ambience.

Like a typical Italian cuisine, the menu is simple but every food served is made of the freshest ingredients plus this pasta club is BYO-friendly, so you can bring your favourite wine or beer with you.

It’s like visiting your grandmother’s house for dinner or having a little Italy of your own in West End’s busy neighborhood.

Executive chef Dario Milano and his team takes care of the ever-changing menu to give you a taste of authentic North Italian dishes like gnocchi, ricotta, and the classic lasagne.

The menu is straightforward and whilst it changes every day, you can always expect pasta with a creamy sauce or some sort of ragu or bolognaise.  

Owner Leila Amirparviz, who’s also behind The Spaghetti House Trattoria in South Bank, just wanted to have a small yet flexible and pleasant space for guests.

You can find a few tables in the casual fit-out, made beautiful by the mix-and-match chairs, and Anna Markey’s candles and ceramics.

Ms Amirparviz said they have a flexible menu, like when guests want a rocket salad, they can actually whip one up.

CJ’s Secret Pasta Club is located at 26 Hoogley Street West End and opens on weekdays from noon until 8:00 pm.

For further information about the restaurant, check out their website or follow them on Facebook.