Fashion Extravaganza in West End: A Shopper’s Paradise Awaits

The West End’s Davies Park is set to transform into a bustling hub of fashion and bargains. Shoppers are encouraged to mark their calendars and bring a gold coin for entry to this eagerly anticipated event.

Photo Credit: Pexels

Fashion enthusiasts in West End have a treat in store this Sunday, 14th of July, from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. as Davies Park hosts a one-of-a-kind clothing market this weekend. With a myriad of clothing options for all occasions and sizes, including an extensive selection of plus-size apparel, this event promises to cater to every fashion need.

The market aims to offer something for everyone, ensuring a diverse range of styles and trends are available. From casual wear to formal attire, shoppers can expect to find an array of options to suit their tastes and requirements. The focus on inclusivity is particularly noteworthy, as the event highlights a vast collection of plus-size clothing, addressing a significant demand in the market.

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This event not only offers a fantastic opportunity for fashion lovers to update their wardrobes but also provides a platform for local vendors to showcase their unique collections. By supporting these vendors, attendees will contribute to the growth of small businesses and the local economy.

Davies Park, known for its vibrant community events, is the ideal backdrop for this fashion market. Attendees can look forward to a lively atmosphere, complete with friendly vendors and an array of fashion finds. With the promise of snagging a bargain, it’s an event that appeals to both fashion enthusiasts and those simply looking for great deals.

In addition to the shopping experience, the market will also foster a sense of community among West End residents. Events like these play a crucial role in bringing people together, enhancing community spirit, and supporting local initiatives.

Photo Credit: Pexels

Remember to mark your calendars and head to Davies Park this Sunday. Whether you’re hunting for a new outfit or just looking to enjoy a day out in West End, this clothing market is not to be missed.

Published Date 02-July-2024

West End Welcomes Vela: A Modern Thai Culinary Sensation

Prepare to have your dining experience in West End taken to new heights by Vela, the highly anticipated Thai restaurant from the esteemed Kinn Group.

This sprawling Thai restaurant is the latest venture from hospitality veterans responsible for the uber popular quintet of Kinn Thai eateries that stretch from Loganholme through Brisbane to North Lakes.

With a seating capacity exceeding 200, Vela offers a visually stunning environment perfect for your next date night or special celebration. Cosy booths, marble tabletops, and vibrant neon artwork are just a few of the restaurant’s eclectic mix of textures, colours, and finishes. A striking moon hangs above the bar to top it all off.

This is by far the most premium of the group’s venues, featuring upholstered booths and banquettes, lavish curved ceiling details, and even a giant moon suspended over the central bar.

Once guests have marvelled at the captivating interiors, the real adventure begins with a selection of impressive cocktails, setting the stage for a memorable meal. The menu promises an enticing array of dishes, including fragrant chicken curry, raw beef tartare with a Thai twist, crab-fried rice, and pad see ew with crispy pork and rolled noodles.

Each dish is designed to delight the senses and offer a fresh take on traditional Thai flavours.

The innovative menu includes everything from seared scallops with a chilli jam butter, slow-cooked ox tongue with pickled egg yolk, to garlic butter prawns and crab fried rice.

Vela’s spacious venue, with its funky yet modern décor, creates a unique day-and-night theme that enhances the dining experience. The restaurant’s location in the Factory 2 area of West Village adds to its charm, making it a standout destination for both locals and visitors. The innovative menu includes a variety of flavour-packed dishes available in à la carte and banquet options, catering to all preferences and occasions.

Banquets start from $75 per person, while lunchtime offers a variety of specials at heavily discounted prices compared to dinner, as well as a $29 set menu featuring an entree, main and side.

Among the must-try items is the raw beef larb, featuring raw beef tartare, roasted ground rice, chilli flakes, and aromatic herbs. The char-grilled pork neck, seasoned with authentic Thai spices and served with an array of fresh herbs and delectable dips, is another highlight. For those seeking something truly unique, the 24-hour cooked ox tongue with pickled egg yolk and salt sesame dip and the crispy whole fish with fried garlic, chilli, and pepper, are sure to impress.

Another standout is the trio crab curry ($48), which draws eyeballs with a tower of battered soft shell crab clawing its way out of a sweet, mild yellow curry replete with crabmeat.

Vela also promises a stellar cocktail list, perfectly complementing the flavourful dishes. The evening is the perfect time to explore the inventive cocktail and mocktail menu, with Thai-influenced sips like a Bangkok sour, basil smash and tropical silk. There are classic cocktails too, alongside a global wine list with plenty of local favourites at affordable prices.

Whether for an intimate dinner or a grand celebration, Vela’s hospitable team is ready to craft unforgettable experiences in their function spaces, tailored to your needs.

As Brisbane’s newest culinary hotspot, Vela invites you to indulge in a celebration of heritage, flavour, and the joy of shared experiences. Make your reservation today and discover why Vela is set to become a beloved fixture in the vibrant West End dining scene.

Published Date 27-June-2024

Frozen Legacy in West End: A Century of Ice Cream Dreams at Peters Factory

Situated in the vibrant neighbourhood of West End, the Peters Ice Cream Factory has become an iconic landmark that has been an integral part of our community for almost a hundred years.

To the locals, this factory holds a deeper meaning beyond its industrial purpose. It serves as a representation of the frozen treats that have been popular for decades. For over nine decades, this iconic establishment has served as the pulsating centre of our neighbourhood’s industrial scenery, producing the cherished confections that have added a touch of sweetness to numerous Australian reminiscences.

Early Days and Expansion

Photo Credit: Peters Ice Cream

The story began in 1907 when F.A.B. Peters started his humble ice cream business in Sydney, expanding to Queensland and Western Australia by 1912. In Brisbane, Peters-Arctic Delicacy Co. Ltd. was formed in 1927, leading to the construction of the iconic West End factory.

This state-of-the-art facility, costing £100,000, was hailed as one of the most efficient ice cream factories in Australia upon its opening in December 1928. The company boasted a hygienic, fully mechanised process, from receiving milk and cream to delivering the finished product. The factory’s rooftop even housed massive ice tanks to ensure a steady supply for production.

The Garden Factory

Photo Credit: Peters Ice Cream

The factory’s initial design featured a forecourt reserve and driveway, which were later transformed into an award-winning garden. This lush oasis earned Peters the endearing nickname “garden factory.”

As the business flourished in the 1930s, a second factory building was constructed on Wilson Street, further solidifying Peters’ dominance in the ice cream industry. The company continued to expand its reach throughout Queensland, offering innovative products and services.

Merger and Transformation

Photo Credit: Peters Ice Cream

In 1960, Peters merged with Pauls Ice Cream and Milk Ltd., forming Queensland United Foods Industries Ltd. The original factory, once a proud standalone structure, became hidden beneath later additions. The roofscape, initially adorned with ice tanks, underwent significant changes as technology evolved.

Architectural Heritage

Photo Credit: Peters Ice Cream

Today, the original factory’s architectural features remain partially visible. The reinforced concrete frame with brick infill panels, although now painted, showcases the building’s structural integrity. Truncated corner bays facing Mollison Street and the remnants of the original parapet offer glimpses into the past.

The utilitarian rear of the factory provides a clearer view of the original design. The more recent section, a large brick structure with a gabled clerestory roof, stands relatively unaltered. Its symmetrical ends, adorned with brick pilasters and central doorways, exude a timeless charm.

A Timeline of Innovation and Popularity

1938: Cricket legend Sir Donald Bradman partnered with Peters Ice Cream, boosting the brand’s popularity.

Photo Credit: Peters Ice Cream

1963: Australians consume over 100 million Peters Drumsticks every year, revolutionising the market since its introduction.

Photo Credit: Peters Ice Cream

1970s: Peters became a pop-culture icon, producing novelty lines tied to movies, TV shows, and music groups.

Photo Credit: Peters Ice Cream

2000: The Maxibon snack was launched, catering to superhuman hunger with its unique size and appeal.

Photo Credit: Peters Ice Cream

2009: Peters introduced Connoisseur Gourmet Ice Cream, becoming the top premium tub in supermarkets.

Photo Credit: Peters Ice Cream

2016: Proud & Punch was launched, focusing on health and wellbeing with Australian-sourced, better-for-you treats.

Photo Credit: Peters Ice Cream

2019: Peters collaborated with Cadbury® to bring new, exciting products to the freezer and with Gelato Messina® to reimagine the classic ice cream cone.

The Modern Legacy

Photo Credit: Peters Ice Cream

Today, the original factory stands as a monument to a bygone era of industrial prowess and community spirit in West End. The building’s alterations over the years reflect technological advancements and changing demands in the ice cream industry. 

While its historical façade may be hidden, the legacy of Peters’ innovation and commitment to quality continues to be felt across Australia. From its humble beginnings to its current status as a beloved national brand, Peters Ice Cream remains a cherished part of Australia’s culinary history.

Published Date 21-June-2024

Veteran Sprinter Cameron McEvoy Becomes First Australian Man to Compete in Four Olympics

West End’s Cameron McEvoy has etched his name in the history books of Australian swimming by securing a spot at the 2024 Paris Olympics, making him the first male athlete from the nation to compete in four Olympic Games.

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Cameron McEvoy qualifies in 50m freestyle

Cameron McEvoy, 30, punched his ticket to Paris on Wednesday, June 12, clinching victory in the 50m freestyle final at the Australian Olympic Trials with a winning time of 21.35 seconds — allowing him to join the team for his fourth Olympics.

McEvoy’s journey to this historic achievement has been unconventional. After the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, McEvoy took a break from the sport, feeling exhausted after 18 years of intense training. Upon his return, McEvoy significantly reduced his weekly training distance and incorporated various other athletic disciplines into his regimen.

“About 18 months ago, my goal was to just come back, give this new training approach a go, see what happens and if I can maybe go under 22 (seconds) again I’d be over the moon with that,” McEvoy told reporters. “So what I’ve done so far has just obliterated any expectations I had.”

Unprecedented longevity

McEvoy’s qualification for Paris 2024 marks an unprecedented level of longevity for an Australian male swimmer at the Olympic level. While breaststroke champion Leisel Jones, freestyle standout Cate Campbell, and backstroke veteran Emily Seebohm have represented Australia in four Olympic Games, McEvoy is the first man to achieve this feat.

“I think ultimately it just makes me proud because it shines a light on the persistence and perseverance that I’ve had over… my entire career,” McEvoy said.

Olympic pedigree

McEvoy’s Olympic pedigree is impressive. He made his debut at the 2012 London Olympics as a heats swimmer for the men’s 4x100m and 4x200m freestyle relays, which finished fourth and fifth.

Cameron McEvoy
Photo Credit: Facebook/Finis Australia

At the 2016 Rio Olympics, he secured bronzes in both the men’s 4x100m freestyle and 4x100m medley relays. Four years later in Tokyo, McEvoy added another bronze in the 4x100m freestyle relay to his collection.

Looking ahead, McEvoy harbours ambitions of competing beyond Paris 2024. “I’ll do my best to honour it over in Paris and we’ll see what happens with [Los Angeles 2028] to come and whatever happens after Paris.”

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With his historic qualification, Cameron McEvoy has cemented his status as a trailblazer in Australian swimming, inspiring athletes and coaches alike with his unwavering determination and innovative approach to training.

Published 18-June-2024

Acclaimed Author Dr Anita Heiss to Launch Japanese Edition of ‘Barbed Wire and Cherry Blossoms’ at Avid Reader

Avid Reader Bookshop in West End will welcome Dr. Anita Heiss, marking the release of the Japanese translation of her critically acclaimed novel, “Barbed Wire and Cherry Blossoms.” 

The new edition coincides with the 80th anniversary of the Cowra breakout, a significant event in Australian history where Japanese prisoners of war escaped their compound. Heiss’s novel intertwines this historical backdrop with a poignant love story between a Japanese soldier and a Wiradjuri woman.

Photo Credit: Anita Heiss/ Facebook

Set against the backdrop of wartime Australia, the novel follows Hiroshi, a Japanese soldier who finds refuge in the Erambie Aboriginal mission after the breakout. There, he forms a deep connection with Mary, the daughter of the community leader, Banjo Williams. Their burgeoning love faces challenges not only from the ongoing war but also from the systemic restrictions and prejudices of the time.

Originally published in 2016, “Barbed Wire and Cherry Blossoms” garnered significant recognition, earning high placements in several literary awards. The Japanese edition, featuring new cover art, allows the story to resonate with wider audiences.

Dr Heiss shared her inspiration for the novel, stating her fascination with how different cultures document history and the lack of representation of the Aboriginal community in the narrative of the Cowra breakout. She sought to shed light on the shared history of Cowra, highlighting the struggles faced by both the Aboriginal people and the prisoners of war.

On the 27th of June 2024, the event at Avid Reader Bookshop will feature a discussion with Dr. Heiss, translator Noriko Oka, and editor Donna Weeks. Free bookings are essential for this unique opportunity to delve into the novel’s themes and the process of bringing it to a Japanese audience.

The Japanese edition is part of Ligature’s Untapped project, which aims to revive out-of-print Australian classics through e-books and new print editions. Ligature founder Matt Rubinstein expressed his pride in supporting projects that celebrate Australian stories and make them accessible to new generations.

Following the Avid Reader event, readers can explore the diverse culinary scene of West End. Nonna’s Nightmare offers traditional Italian fare with a modern twist, while Vegan Restaurant West End caters to plant-based preferences. For those seeking

Published Date 17-June-2024

West End to Welcome Yo-Chi Frozen Yogurt Amidst National Expansion

West End is set to become the next frontier for Yo-Chi, the popular frozen yogurt and acai chain, as it celebrates the opening of its 30th store.

Photo Credit: Yo-Chi

The milestone achievement, according to Chief Operating Officer Brooke Rodger, reflects the brand’s rapid growth and increasing popularity among Australian consumers.

Photo Credit: Yo-Chi
Yo-Chi in West End
Photo Credit: Yo-Chi

Since its establishment in 2022, Yo-Chi has captured the hearts of dessert enthusiasts with its distinctive self-serve bar, allowing customers to personalise their frozen yogurt or acai creations. 

Signature flavours like the tangy Signature Tart and rich Chocolate, combined with an array of toppings from fresh fruit to indulgent melted biscoff and mochi, have solidified Yo-Chi’s position as a go-to destination for sweet treats.

Photo Credit: Yo-Chi
Yo-Chi in West End
Photo Credit: Yo-Chi
Photo Credit: Yo-Chi

The West End location, slated to open later this year alongside new stores in Bondi Beach, Coogee, and Robina, is part of Yo-Chi’s ambitious expansion plan. The brand aims to double its store count by 2026, fulfilling its mission to “Share the Chi” with a wider audience across the country.

Yo-Chi in West End
Photo Credit: Yo-Chi

As Yo-Chi continues its upward trajectory, its arrival in West End is poised to further enrich the suburb’s diverse culinary scene. The new store will undoubtedly attract locals and visitors alike, eager to experience the brand’s unique blend of flavour, customisation, and the joy of creating their frozen delights.

Published 17-June-2024

E-Scooter Crash On Bank Street Leaves Teen in Critical Condition

A serious crash involving an e-scooter and a car has left a teenager fighting for their life on Bank Street. The incident occurred on Monday, June 17, 2024, at approximately 2:50 PM local time.

According to a Queensland Ambulance Service (QAS) spokeswoman, the e-scooter rider in their mid-teens collided with a car.

The teenage rider sustained life-threatening injuries as a result of the crash. Paramedics transported the critically injured teen to the Queensland Children’s Hospital for medical attention.

Published 17-June-2024

Vegan Duo in West End: A Haven for Plant-Based Palates

Forget the notion that vegan food is bland; West End is exploding with flavour, boasting two unique vegan restaurants that are redefining plant-based cuisine.

As veganism gains momentum in Australia, these establishments are not only surviving but thriving, offering a diverse array of flavours and culinary experiences for vegans and non-vegans alike.

Vegan Restaurant West End

Photo Credit: Screengrab from Google Map

True to its name, Vegan Restaurant West End prides itself on offering an entirely plant-based menu. From hearty burgers and loaded fries to flavourful curries and stir-fries, this establishment caters to a wide range of tastes.

Photo Credit: Google Maps/ Laura
Photo Credit: Google Maps/ Dmytro Siryi
Photo Credit: Google Maps/ Yoon Oh

Their dedication to providing a diverse and satisfying vegan dining experience has made them a popular destination for those seeking a cruelty-free meal.

You Came Again

Photo Credit: You Came Again

This charming cafe boasts a menu brimming with wholesome vegan options, including smoothie bowls, avocado toast, and chickpea omelettes. Their focus on nutritious and delicious plant-based fare has resonated with health-conscious diners.

Photo Credit: You Came Again
Photo Credit: You Came Again
Photo Credit: You Came Again

You Came Again’s warm and inviting atmosphere, coupled with their commitment to sustainability, has made them a beloved fixture in the West End community. | Order here.

While the vegan scene in Queensland continues to evolve, these two restaurants in the West End remain steadfast in their commitment to providing exceptional plant-based cuisine. Their success is a testament to the growing demand for vegan options and the increasing acceptance of a plant-based lifestyle. 

Published Date 14-June-2024

As more Australians explore the benefits of veganism, these establishments are poised to continue thriving, offering a delicious and ethical dining experience for all.

West End Electrified: Strut & Fret’s New Cabaret Theatre to Ignite Brisbane

Are you ready to light up the night? Strut & Fret, the creative force behind some of your favourite shows, is about to unveil its most electrifying project yet: The West End Electric.

Strut & Fret, a global production powerhouse known for its innovative and immersive experiences, has chosen to build its permanent Brisbane home in the West End. After the overwhelming success of their Sydney theatre, The Grand Electric, the company felt it was time to create something special in their hometown.

“Brisbane is where Sarah Stewart and I founded Strut & Fret in 1997. It’s also our home city, where we grew up and where I still have a home,” said Creative Director and Company Founder, Scott Maidment. “We staged our first Brisbane Festival production over 25 years ago in 1998, so it feels very fitting to launch The West End Electric with this year’s festival.”

The West End Electric
Photo Credit: Strut & Fret

The custom-designed venue, boasting a capacity of over 400 seats, will open its doors on 29 August, coinciding with the start of the Brisbane Festival. The inaugural performance will be Strut & Fret’s smash-hit circus-cabaret spectacle, LIMBO – THE RETURN. This awe-inspiring show, inspired by the company’s original LIMBO, which captivated Madonna not once but twice, features a mesmerizing blend of fire-breathing, gravity-defying acrobatics, sophisticated cabaret acts, and a generous flow of cocktails.

Maidment, brimming with excitement, shared his anticipation for the opening: “When we open in August, Queensland audiences will see sparks fly! This is a high-powered extravaganza that will leave you gasping for air and begging for more. Chances are you’ll want to see it twice, too!”

The West End Electric
Photo Credit: Strut & Fret

With its unique blend of cabaret, circus, and cocktails, The West End Electric is poised to become a must-visit destination for locals and tourists alike, adding a vibrant new chapter to Brisbane’s thriving arts scene.

Published Date 10-June-2024

Honest Cooking Shines at Gum Bistro, Newest West End Bistro

West End has a fresh face on the dining scene with the opening of Gum Bistro, an intimate 40-seat restaurant showcasing honest, produce-driven cooking.

Occupying the former Pasta Club space on Boundary Street, Gum Bistro is the creation of chef Lachlan Matheson and sommelier Phil Poussarts, both alumni of the acclaimed Pasta Club.

The reimagined space has undergone a brightening makeover with white-painted panels, pops of greenery, bespoke stamped napkins and local artwork lending a cosy, considered ambience. But the real star is the concise, MetCommets focused menu.

Matheson’s seasonal cuisine allows quality local produce to take centre stage, be it the textbook duck liver parfait with Riser sourdough or the cold squid salad with fennel, chicory, and lemon to start. Standout mains include the vegetarian-friendly vegetable pot pie and the crowd-pleasing sweet corn agnolotti pasta.

While expertly crafted cocktails named after guitar riffs are available, oenophiles will be eager to explore Poussarts’ curated wine list during their visit. The experienced sommelier has sourced an interesting array of rare finds and varieties during previous tenures at esteemed spots like Pilloni, Essa and Hobart’s Fico.

With its intimate, welcoming ambience, locavore sensibilities and intriguing wine program, Gum Bistro looks poised to become a West End dining destination for honest, flavourful cuisine. Reservations are recommended to secure a table at this hotspot.