Controversial West End Riverfront Development Application Secures Council Approval

The controversial West End riverfront development application at 117 Victoria Street has secured approval from the Brisbane City Council.

According to the application details for A004827228, approval for the Crown Group’s West End development application was granted last 11 October. Prior to the decision, the Council, in its Further Issues Letter dated 31 August 2018, had asked the applicant to amend the development plans for the 1.25-hectare property.

The applicant was advised, among other changes, to ensure the amended design incorporates:
A three or four-tower building form with a minimum of 10-metre separation between towers.
Length of all elevations complementary to 40 metres, with significant recessing every 15 metres.
Tower elements that extend no more than 75% of the podium
A detailed plan that demonstrates significant solar access, cross ventilation and privacy.

In their response dated 13 September 2018, the applicant indicated their detailed minor amendments including the revised plan of proposed development and revised landscape concept plans.

“The multiple towers provide a slender built form outcome that reduces the visual bulk and scale of the development, encourages views and access to sunlight and cross ventilation through the site and is consistent with Acceptable Outcome AO3.3 of the South Brisbane Riverside Neighbourhood Plan Code,” the applicant said.

Revised Tower Form


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Tower Lengths
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Deep Planting Areas
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The applicated stated that the proposed 12-storey multiple dwelling is consistent with the Neighbourhood Plan and the current proposal across the site. The proposed development also provides 1,444 sqm (12.5% of the site area) of deep planting which the applicant stated is consistent with the Multiple Dwelling Code.

Disappointment Over the Decision

However, Greens Councillor the Gabba Jonathan Sri and local residents opposed to the development proposal expressed disappointment over the decision.

“I’ve just received word that the massive development application for 117 Victoria Street, West End has been approved by council. This is the four very long 12-storey apartment towers (they’re actually more like 14 storeys tall) with around 450 apartments and 480 carparks,” Cr Sri said on his Facebook page post.

“In response to pressure from my office and local resident groups, council has made the developer reduce the built form of the building a little bit, with slightly more space between the towers, but it’s still far bigger and denser than I consider appropriate for this site.

“Among other issues, under the neighbourhood plan the towers are supposed to be set back 20 metres from the neighbouring public park along Riverside Drive, but council has allowed setbacks of only 9 metres to the closest residential balconies, which will cause major issues down the track when we want to install features like basketball courts and BBQs in the park.

“Remember, this is the same Victoria Street as the notorious Montague Rd/Aldi intersection, where pedestrians risk their lives every day just to get across the road. Imagine how much worse it’s going to get with hundreds more vehicles using this corridor,” Cr Sri said.

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“Crazy, ugly, and dangerous. It’s not only pedestrians who risk their lives, it’s people on their bikes, motorbikes… I also risk my life as a driver, and the lives of my car occupants are also at risk. Doing the right turn from Victoria into Montague one day took me 5 straight mins, and I was taking a chance then too,” comments Facebook user Jazzy Cat.

“West End used to be wholesome and AFFORDABLE! You’re right, we need safer roads, and better public transport. Not luxury housing for the wealthy.” Facebook user Dana Bruce said.

“Also given that the broadside is north-facing, residents to the south of these proposed towers will most likely be in permanent shadow during the winter months and may get portions of intense sun in the summer months,” commented Heathington Freed.

What is touted to be the largest development site sale–$35 million–in Brisbane city’s fringe market in 2018, the West End development project will be worth $350 million once completed.

117 Victoria Street, West End