Work Resumes on The Lanes in West End as Developer Makes Peace with Union

After months of deadlock and disruptions, work has resumed on the luxury high-rise development known as The Lanes in Brisbane’s West End. 

The developer, Pradella, has managed to strike a deal with the Construction, Forestry, Mining and Energy Union (CFMEU), which has put an end to the relentless troubles and issues plaguing the construction site for the past four months.

Building industry insiders and sources have pointed out that it was likely the CFMEU orchestrating the sit-ins and blockades at The Lanes since April 2023. The situation escalated, causing a stalemate in construction progress.  

The protests at The Lanes had prompted Pradella to go to extraordinary lengths, including hiring “special duty” police officers to work extra hours and overtime to safeguard the site. The disruptions had affected communication with buyers, causing uncertainties about the project’s progress and completion dates. 

However, recent developments suggest that a breakthrough has been achieved, allowing construction to move forward once again.

Pradella released a statement expressing its satisfaction with the resolution of the protests at the West End construction site. The company mentioned that construction activities were now back in full swing, with the crane erected on the site. The delays caused by the protests had frustrated both Pradella and home buyers, as well as subcontractors involved in the project. 

Photo Credit: Pradella

Public Works Minister Mick de Brenni, who initially placed blame on local environmental activists, specifically the Greens, seemed to shift his stance in light of the developments. Last month, Mr de Brenni hesitated to condemn the actions of the protesters, opting to lay the blame on the Greens for blocking housing projects. 

When asked about the recent ceasefire and the involvement of CFMEU, Mr de Brenni refrained from giving a direct answer and reiterated his criticism of the Greens. Despite the apparent resolution, the exact details of the agreement between Pradella and CFMEU remain undisclosed. 

The focus now shifts to the upcoming weeks as construction activities escalate, leading to increased progress at The Lanes,  which promises to offer luxurious living spaces and amenities to the community.

Published 1-Sept-2023

Why These West End Couples Wouldn’t Want to Live Anywhere Else

These three couples, from young professionals to empty nesters, would not want to live anywhere else but the 4101 post code. They were on a quest to find their dream riverside home and they found it in West End.

“We love it here and wouldn’t live anywhere except West End,” Vicki Brandon. It has lovely restaurants and facilities while also being close to city, Vicky cited as the reasons why she and Michael chose the inner-city suburb when they decided to get out of their former home. 

“We moved here in 2016 and in November last year, moved into our top floor apartment within the Enclave community, one block back from the river.” 

Anthony and Penelope Mewing, meanwhile, left their large suburban block for West End in 2019 and moved into a Skyhome in Enclave in late-2022 which is a master-planned residential community delivered by Pradella.  

“We love West End and Enclave is in a really good position,” said Anthony, whose favourite thing to do is visit the West End Markets, a short walk away from their home.  

“Just about everything you need is within walking distance – coffee, shops, bars, restaurants and the bus.”

Nikki Pilcher and Lars Kuhnke love the location of their latest apartment purchase, The Lane. They previously resided within two of Pradella’s Riverside West End communities and wanted to upgrade without compromising on location.  

“The Lanes’ site is right next door to home, so it was a no brainer,” she said.  

“Being this close to Montague Markets and all the stores and services is invaluable. We don’t really need to rely on having a car. We just cannot fault the lifestyle here.” 

Local buyers’ interest in Pradella’s Riverside West End projects has consistently been strong, according to Pradella Sales and Marketing Director Lee-Anne Kielar.  

“We’ve seen ongoing high demand for our premium apartment offerings, particularly over the last few years which indicates that buyers want to come home and enjoy the unique community features on offer like resort-style pools, fully-equipped fitness centres and stunning rooftop escapes,” Ms Kielar said.  

Now 80 per cent sold, construction on stage one of The Lanes is currently underway which is the final development within Pradella’s $1.3 billion Riverside West End masterplan. It boasts three towers with almost 4,500 sqm of private recreational features and is situated in a prime position on the West End peninsula.

Meanwhile, residents of stage one, Orleigh Residences, are now settled in whilst stage two, Davis Residences, is ready to take in new residents in mid-2023.

Only a limited number of apartments are available at The Lanes. Discover what Pradella’s Riverside community has to offer at

Published 30-March-2023