Pastry Lovers Rave About the ‘Best Strawberry Croissant’ from Superthing

Where can one get the best strawberry croissant in West End? Your best bet could be the croissanterie/cafe on Montague Road, named Superthing, which started business in the midst of a lockdown in early 2020.

If you scroll through Superthing’s social media pages, you’re bound to see dozens of appetizing photos of their strawberry croissant, as shared by their customers. But whilst this pastry could be the store’s bestseller, the cafe has since updated and changed its menu since it began trading.

Eddy Tice and Ania Kutek, who have enticed Brisbane with their other shop, NYC Bagel Deli on Vulture Street, are also the pair behind this pink-themed cafe.

Superthing bakes fresh, buttery and flaky croissants and other pastries every day inside a temperature-controlled room that’s visible to the customers behind a quirky rainbow-hued glass. Ania leads the kitchen with head baker Jorja Kena.

Photo Credit: Facebook
Photo Credit: Facebook

The owners, naturally, had some concerns at the beginning of the operation due to the lockdown. Thankfully, their pastries and baked goods are perfect for takeaways, along with some buns and bagels, allowing them to continue trading until Brisbane was ready to open for dine-in customers.

So, whilst their baked treats and sandwiches are perfect for snacking, Superthing also offers a satisfying selection of breakfast and lunch with choices like pulled pork burger, chili chorizo frittatas and the Big Breakfast plate (eggs, bacon, sausage, hash cake, greens, cherry tomatoes and toasted sourdough). 

Photo Credit: Facebook

Follow Superthing on Facebook for their trading hours or menu changes or to see what other tasty food you can get from the shop.

“Nice coffee and food. Had forest mushroom croissant (special), really enjoyed it. Will come back for more pastries too. Also like the shop inside, it’s a great idea to showcase how the bakers make croissants.”

Evelyn Xu, Google Reviews

“Some of the yummiest pastries and bagels around Brisbane (if not THE yummiest). They change them up a bit as well so there is always something tempting and delicious to try. Their brisket cheeseburger is mouth-watering too. And great coffee! Yummo!!”

Marina, Google Reviews

“Second visit in 4 days. I love almond croissants and these are easily the best. Took some “take-a-ways”, hope they make it home unlike some people I know eat them soon as back in the car. This place is good, seriously good.”

Col Williamson, Facebook

3 New West End Eateries Braving the Pandemic

Opening a new restaurant in this coronavirus crisis might be seen as going against the headwinds, yet even when the future of the food industry is uncertain, these three new West End eateries are braving the pandemic and welcoming dine-in guests.


Address: 120 Boundary St
Store Hours and Menu: Check their website or Facebook Page

Some might say it’s crazy to start a new West End eatery today but that’s exactly what Kulcha’d has done. This restaurant specialising in Amritsar street food opened its brightly coloured doors in the middle of May. Even better? The place is also preparing to open its bar.

Photo Credit: Kulcha’d/Facebook

The restaurant’s opening almost never happened because the owners were nearly stuck in India to study more authentic Amritsar recipes just as countries were considering locking down borders. They got back to Brisbane in the nick of time — minutes after quarantine requirements took effect.

Now operating for almost two months, Kulcha’d has been welcoming a steady stream of patrons. Kulcha is named after Indian stuffed flatbreads with onions, potatoes and other vegetables. 

Photo Credit: Kulcha’d/Facebook

Nonna’s Nightmare

Address: 156 Boundary St
Store Hours and Menu: Check their website or Facebook Page

An Italian eatery with a plant-based menu, Nonna’s Nightmare slowly started trading in the middle of May with their delivery and takeaway service. On Friday, July 9, the restaurant will open its first-ever dine-in service. 

So, if you’ve got a hankering for cheesy, tomato goodness minus the guilt, check out their sleek shop on Boundary St. Nonna’s Nightmare also has takeaway options (via Uber Eats).

Photo Credit: Nonna’s Nightmare/Facebook

The restaurant’s cheeky name is inspired by the chef’s decision to turn Italian comfort food into 100% plant-based meals. 

“Our chef, born and raised in Italy has been cooking pizza, pasta and other traditional Italian dishes most of his life but after making the decision to switch to a plant-based diet he instantly became every Italian Nonna’s Nightmare!” 

Photo Credit: Nonna’s Nightmare/Facebook


Address: 215 Montague Road
Store Hours and Menu: Check their Facebook Page 

Superthing actually opened during the tail end of March and just days before the world shut down because of the virus.  But the bakery with the yummy bagels and croissants, and an inviting pastel pink interior, managed to stay in business despite the restrictions and risks. 

By mid-April, Superthing restarted baking for pick-up and takeaways. By the time the restrictions were relaxed in Brisbane, the bakery was ready and raring to serve up the customers’ favorites. 

Photo Credit: Superthing/Facebook

If you haven’t been by their shop the first time it opened, plan to drop by soon and discover what could be the best new bakery in West End. Superthing doesn’t just serve baked goods and pastries, they also serve classic cafe and all-day breakfast favorites.

Photo Credit: Superthing/Facebook