Pilates Meets Cardio at West End

STRONG Pilates has opened its latest studio on Montague Road in West End bringing its revolutionary hybrid workout machine that integrates cardio with strength and resistance training.

Whilst Pilates helps strengthen muscles and enhance flexibility, its low-impact nature doesn’t offer the kind of burn that a high-intensity workout gives. This is where STRONG Pilates comes in.

STRONG Pilates has been making waves in the fitness training landscape since opening its flagship studio in 2019 in Elsternwick, Melbourne. Already 15-studios strong, owners Michael Ramsey and Mark Armstrong are not stopping with their aggressive expansion plans with no less than 50 locations eyed this year.

STRONG Pilates
Photo credit: Strong Pilates / Facebook

Michael and Mark used to run several F45 studios which were highly successful. But after discovering ‘Rowformer’ – a machine that is a half reformer and half rower – they started unloading their six F45 studios in 2019 to open a STRONG Pilates gym in Melbourne. 

The studio is very stylish with charges in each locker, hair dryers/straighteners, mobility area, showers, and cold towels soaked in Eucalyptus oil delivered post-workout plus a distinct scent enveloping the entire gym and a specially curated playlist in the background to complete the overall STRONG experience.

At the heart of the STRONG Pilates class is the Rowformer which allows for a low-impact but high-intensity workout regardless of one’s level of fitness or mobility. A typical 45-minute class will involve what they call “strength blocks” covering the upper body, lower body and core. Each of the three strength blocks is followed by a 5-minute interval rowing. 

STRONG Pilates
Photo credit: Strong_Pilates / Facebook

STRONG’s West End studio is the sixth location following Hope Island, Burleigh, Ashmore, Southport and Maroochydore. Soon to come are at least seven Queensland locations spread across Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and Brisbane, thanks to the strong reception that their fitness brand has been getting.

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STRONG Pilates | 196 – 204 Montague Road West End QLD 4101