Next Episode Bar: A Hidden Speakeasy in Brisbane’s Coolest Laneway

What happens to a barbershop when you throw in a “hidden” bar at the back? Lots of F-U-N and the most popular cuts in town, that’s what! Imagine partying at a hidden speakeasy where you could enjoy cocktails as the DJ spins all the freshest hits.

Tucked away in the back streets of South Brisbane, Next Episode is a barbershop by day and a lounge by night. Steve Pelecas merged two of his favourite things when he came up with Next Episode: fresh jams and fresher cuts. His love for hip-hop is evident on the cocktail menu with cocktails like I Got 99 Problems But A Drink Ain’t One and Cali Love.

Steve, who co-owns the bar with Johnny Garrison, is the scissor smith behind Barber Girl and The Men’s Lounge Barber.

The fun starts right from the point of entry to this 35-seater venue. To get in, you have to find the barbershop and unlock the secret door behind one of the mirrors by punching in the code of the week. The code, which you will punch in on a telephone, can be seen in Next Episode Bar’s social media pages. Way to go to generate traffic!

From the cosy nook outside, guests will be greeted with a neon-jungle aesthetic and murals of rap giants inside the hidden bar. The industrial decor is a reminiscent of intimate house party.

Photo credit: Next Episode/Facebook

Cocktails such as the Hendricks Lamar and the Gin & Juice are the crowd favorites, but they got a few more drinks to offer. They have a concise collection of spirits, wine and champagne as well as taps dedicated for craft beers.  

Located at 5 Cordelia St at the end of Fish Lane, the bar is a great place to hide on a Saturday night, though they are open on weekdays too. The barbershop operates Tuesday to Saturday until 5:30 pm while the bar takes over until midnight from Wednesday to Saturday.

Want to get the code or check out the new additions to their cocktail menu? Follow New Episode on Facebook or visit their website.