Taste a Different Kind of Italian Fare at Pilloni Sardinian Restaurant

From the La Lupa crew, a new Italian restaurant that puts Sardinian culture at the very heart of its dining experience is now making its mark in West End.

For their new venture, Pilloni restaurant, owners Valentina Vigni and Andrea Contin would like to introduce another side to Italian dishes that may not be familiar to most, Sardinian cuisine. Sardinia is an Italian island in the Mediterranean Sea that is famous for its white sandy beaches and crystal clear waters, as well for its local cuisine including Su Porcheddu – roast suckling pig cooked over coals for several hours to achieve a delicious, crispy texture.

Pilloni’s interiors are inspired by the couple’s holiday trip to Sardinia with the venue neatly divided into four sections – an alfresco bar where customers can enjoy aperitivo whilst working up an appetite with tasty snacks before proceeding to the dining room, Camino, with a view to the kitchen’s fireplace. Meanwhile, the Terrazzo, a curtained balcony offers a warm 50s vibe complete with a collection of artworks whilst down the corridor awaits a 16-seat private dining room and cellar.

Taste a Different Kind of Italian Fare at Pilloni Sardinian Restaurant
Photo Credit: Facebook / Pilloni Restaurant

Pilloni adopts Sardinian agriturismo which is a farm designed to receive guests whether for food, accommodation or a combination of the two. The farm-to-table concept utilises ingredients sourced from local farmers, fishers and producers and is executed by chef Mimmo Miceli who will dish out a menu of mouth-watering dishes which include must-try entrees scallops crudo with fresh figs, citrus gel and fid leaf oil; and charred octopus served with potato foam, olives and pimiento.

Apart from the roasted suckling pig, which according to chef Miceli takes seven days to prepare, another single main dish worth savouring is charred kingfish fillet with smoked heirloom tomato culis, asparagus and bottarga.

Mains to share, meanwhile, include Tasmanian lobster with tomato, red onion, lemon and parsley; slow-roasted lamb neck with fregolone and parsnip; and whole market fish roasted on the ember with il bono salsa.

As for the drinks, a total of 200 bottles make up the list featuring Sardinian vinos as well as those coming from other Mediterranean regions, along with French and Australian wines and cocktails.

Google Reviews:

“Incredible food, amazing and friendly staff. Everything we had was great, but the octopus is definitely a must try, as well as both of the mains. Will definitely be back again!” – Liane Lagahit

“Such a great and unique experience. Thank you , ill be back for sure😍🇮🇹” – TSuch a great and unique experience. Thank you , ill be back for sure😍🇮🇹” – YnotP

“I lived in Sardinia for 10 years and I was amazed from the flavours that I’ve found at Pilloni Restaurant, well done guys, you are doing great! The food was perfect, the service was great and the location is really cozy and charming.We’ll be back soon and we’ll spread the word.” – Sara Olivieri

Pilloni is located at 166 Hardgrave Road, West End. To book, visit their website here.

Published 10-March-2023