The Montague Hotel Enters a New Chapter With Acquisition of Family-Owned Hospitality Group

In the vibrant West End district lies a local landmark that has recently undergone a remarkable transformation. Previously a dilapidated two-story office building, the Montague Hotel has recently been acquired by a devoted family-owned hospitality organisation.

Nestled on the prominent corner of Montague Road and Kurilpa Street, the Montague Hotel boasts an impressive 787 square meters of space. This two-story venue offers a wide array of amenities, catering to diverse preferences and needs.

Patrons can enjoy the inviting sports and lounge bar areas, indulge in delicious fare at the bistro, try their luck in the gaming room, or experience culinary delights prepared in the state-of-the-art commercial kitchen.

Additionally, the Montague Hotel provides the convenience of 11 basement car parks, ensuring a hassle-free experience for guests. And as an added bonus, the acquisition of the hotel also includes three detached bottle shops, further enhancing the appeal of this extraordinary establishment.

Although the exact price remains undisclosed, sources estimate that the Montague Hotel sold for approximately $20 million. Such high-quality, freehold-going concern gaming assets in key Brisbane entertainment precincts like the West End are becoming increasingly rare, making this acquisition particularly enticing.

Peter Stark, representing Platinum 4101 Pty Ltd, facilitated the sale of the Montague Road hotel. Expressing gratitude to the local community for their support over the past six years, Mr Stark extended his well-wishes to the new owners and eagerly anticipated the hotel’s future endeavours.

Meanwhile, a spokesperson from the purchasing group shared their enthusiasm for acquiring the operations of this iconic Brisbane hospitality venue. They emphasised their commitment to preserving the Montague Hotel’s strong connection and relationship with the vibrant West End community, ensuring its continued status as a cherished local landmark.

The acquisition of The Montague Hotel marks a significant milestone in the dynamic landscape of Brisbane’s West End. With its extensive amenities, gaming offerings, and commitment to community connections, the hotel is poised to continue serving as a cornerstone of hospitality in the area, attracting locals and visitors alike.

Published 25-May-2023