Paradox Dance Company: Alive and Kicking!

After an unexpected move from West End and a challenging post-flood recovery period, Paradox Dance Company has leapt back into the dance scene, moving to a brand new studio in Woolloongabba and energetically setting up Fuze Festival, a celebration of Afro, Latin, and Caribbean culture and dance .

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Founded by Cuban dancer Yasim Coronado Veranes in 2018, Paradox Dance Company has just moved to its new home on Burke Street in Woolloongabba, just a few minutes away from its former studio. 

Paradox Dance Company
Paradox Dance Company’s new studio at Burke St (Photo credit: Google Street View)

Yasim, who runs the studio with his wife Suzi, wanted to bring their love for dancing to the West End community. However, they have had to transfer from their West End studio when the building’s owner decided to sell to a developer, a few months after the February floods.

Sadly, the studio had also not been able to receive any insurance payment and had been left with limited funds for their damaged equipment.

Paradox Dance Company has a huge Latin community following and while it hadn’t been easy looking for a new studio location, Yasim and Suzi eventually found the right place, thanks to a former studio owner from Woolloongabba who offered his space to the couple. 

Paradox Dance Company
Yasim Coronado Veranes (Photo credit: Y.C.V Dance/Facebook)

Now on a mission to get the word out that they are alive and kicking, the studio has just moved to its new home and the owners have decided to come up with Fuze Festival, a fundraising event at The Paint Factory in Yeronga. 

Fuze Festival will be a celebration of Afro, Latin, and Caribbean culture and dance, showcasing the best talent in the afro Latin & Caribbean industry in Queensland.

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Aside from live shows, there will be live music, DJ, Bar, and food at the festival. Those who wish to join the event on 26 November 2022 may buy their ticket online or visit YCV Dance on Facebook.