West End Artist Wins Art Prize At Reimagine 2021

West End artist Nadine Schmoll has won a major Reimagine 2021 Art Prize for her work in the Digital Art – Stills category, gaining recognition for a piece titled ‘Interconnected’.

Nadine, who hails from West End, managed to win one of the three major prizes in the esteemed art competition Reimagine 2021, emerging on top of the Digital Art – Stills category and winning a grand total of $3,000. 

The theme for this year’s competition was “Fast fashion, fast food, fast running out of natural resources”, and Nadine’s entry, named ‘Interconnected’, is a piece that sheds light on the impact humans have on the environment. 

‘Interconnected’ by Nadine Schmoll
Photo credit: Supplied

“Interconnected (Self Portrait as Coral) is a photographic self-portrait that sheds light on the interrelationships between the natural marine environment and humans, in the context of the global impacts of climate change and plastic pollution,” explained Nadine.

Reimagine 2021 was hosted by Sydney’s Hornsby Shire Council in partnership with the Hornsby Art Society. The competition focuses primarily on exploring the themes of environmental sustainability, climate change, and other matters related to the environment, challenging artists to create works that reflect the crisis the world faces in terms of waste and overconsumption.

The At Prize and Exhibition was held at the Wallarobba Arts and Cultural Centre at 25 Edgeworth David Ave, Hornsby, running from the 4th of June to the 20th of June 2021. To learn more about the competition, read about it here.