West End Charity Delivers Mobile Medical Service to the Homeless and Disadvantaged

Micah Projects of West End is taking social services a notch higher with its mobile medical service for homeless and disadvantaged individuals.

The charitable organisation was chosen by Brisbane City Council in December 2016 from a group of charity organisations that expressed interest in running the mobile health service. The council provided Micah Projects with a funding of $1 million to kick-start the program which will bring health services to people who are rough sleeping and those who are still transitioning from homelessness to housing.

It is through its Inclusive Health Partnerships that Micah Projects is providing mobile healthcare services. With the funding from the city council, Micah Projects was able to roll out three mobile health vans across the city to provide services such as wound care, medical support and management, chronic disease management and direct nursing services to vulnerable people.

Not only are the health workers giving medical attention to homeless people, they are also taking care of anyone who is in danger of losing their home or those who are suffering from social isolation or victims of domestic violence.

Micah Projects is delivering the mobile healthcare service with the help of partners Mater Queensland, St. Vincent’s Private Hospital Brisbane, Brisbane North PHN, Brisbane South PHN, Tzu Chi and Brisbane City Council.

The Inclusive Health program aims to address health inequality in the city, helping ensure that everyone regardless of economic or life circumstances can get high-quality health services. Health workers also ensure that people who receive their services are treated with dignity and respect.

Addressing Homelessness

The mobile healthcare service is part of the broader task of Micah Projects to address homelessness. Through its Inclusive Health program, health workers can connect and collaborate with other Micah Projects support teams that can provide housing support, domestic violence assistance, family support, disability assistance, social inclusion support and assistance in hospital discharge and follow-up medical care.

The core commitment of Micah Projects is to end homelessness in Brisbane, one person at a time. The group’s work revolves around breaking barriers that block some members of society from accessing housing, health care, employment and meaningful connections.

The non-for-profit group counts on good-hearted people to support them in this endeavour. Anyone who wishes to help may volunteer their time or donate money to the cause.

Visit Micah Projects’ website to learn more about the health and other services of Micah Projects.