New Meat-Free Wine Bar Set to Open in West End

From South Brisbane’s El Planta duo, Adrienne Jory and Rick Gibson, watch out for Bar Francine, landing on Vulture Street in West End before 2022 ends, featuring a plant-based menu with a touch of seafood and a carefully curated selection of wines sourced from Australian small producers.

The space previously occupied by All The Green Things located on Vulture Street in West End will soon host the new 50-seat venue with an interior fit-out that abounds with timber and a casual vibe. In its backyard will be a function space that will sit next to a vegetable garden.

Bar Francine venue
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Adrienne Jory and Rick Gibson’s first venture was El Planta, a plant-based tacos restaurant, as a pop-up venue at Wandering Cooks in South Brisbane. The restaurant became such a huge hit that it finally needed a place of its own.

Coming on the heels of that initial success, the pair has decided to open their second venture, Bar Francine. By late 2022, Bar Francine will start pouring about 70 Australian wines sourced from small producers along with a small list of cocktails and canned beers. They will be working with ecoSpirits in sourcing these spirits along with beer brewers XXXX Gold and Melbourne Bitter.

Much like its sister venue, Bar Francine’s food offering will be mostly plant-based
Much like its sister venue, Bar Francine’s food offering will be mostly plant-based
Photo credit: Facebook / El Planta

And whilst details of their eats list are yet to be revealed, expect Bar Francine chef Brad Cooper to cook up a European-inspired menu that’s leaning towards plant-based dishes with some seafood delights here and there.

Adrienne and Rick expect to open Bar Francine in November 2022 at the earliest. The new wine bar is situated at 29 Vulture Street, West End.

Visit their website or their social media for more updates leading up to their launch.

29 Vulture St, West End QLD 4101, Australia