Four Green Laneways Planned for West Village in West End

The love for laneways is strong in the inner city Brisbane area. In West End, four new green laneways will be developed as part of the West Village project.

Developer Sekisui House intends to provide walking and cycling spaces to the $800-million West Village precinct. Mollison Lane, Peters Lane, Wilson Lane and Factory Lane will be different from the usual laneways that are predominantly concrete.

Artist’s impression of Peters Lane. (Photo credit:

The four laneways will have a total length of more than 250 metres if fully landscaped lanes.

Each laneway will have its distinct character and set of amenities, but they will all provide a sub-tropical atmosphere to West Village.

The West Village laneways capitalise on the success of laneways in the inner city. Laneway development has become an excellent way of revitalising what could have been a forgotten lane. Fish Lane in South Brisbane and Winn Lane in Fortitude Valley are two of the top success stories of laneway culture in Brisbane.

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Laneway Design

The design of the four laneways represents the demand for green spaces in West End. Wilson Lane, which will be an extension of Wilson Street, will provide a fresh sub-tropical feel to the area. Peters Lane will feature all the colours culture and aroma of cosmopolitan West End in one intimate and buzzing laneway.

Mollison Green is envisioned to be an open space that would allow the family to enjoy the retail space while the kids explore the play area. Factory Lane is planned to provide residents and visitors the lure of the historic charm of West End.

Uniting all the laneways is the common green park where anyone can simply relax, sit on the lawn and grab a drink. Providing the backdrop is the heritage-listed Peters Ice Cream factory.

The Peters Square will be turned into an experiential open-air market with a fusion of culinary and urban culture.

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Green Movement

The local clamour for more green spaces in the suburb is a huge consideration in the design for the West Village open space. Currently, West Village has a GoGet car sharing service. In the near future, West Village will provide 1,600 bicycle spaces and end-of-trip services for residents and visitors.

The 2.6-hectare West Village project is a mixed residential and retail precinct with 192 apartments, restaurants, boutiques, galleries, shops, parks and squares. Development of the first stage of the project is currently ongoing and will be completed by the end of 2018.

Thirty-percent of the precinct will be accessible to the public. Included in the public areas are the four laneways and almost one hectare of open spaces in two new parks.

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