Confidence Man – The West End Human Earthquake Hits BigSound

East End Boys, West End Girls, West End Girls … dududududu

Timeless lyrics from the Pet Shop Boys circa 1984. Those words came of age at Splendour in the Grass 2 weeks ago, when a West End-based funky foursome absolutely tore the house down with their set — in particular, Boyfriend (Repeat), led by a West End Girl … dudududu.

There was more energy on the stage than a nuclear power station! Triple J lauded the band from the rooftops and then took a pounding. Love ’em or hate them, Confidence Man has set tongues wagging and brought a fresh dimension to the live gig scene at festivals around the world in 2017. Glastonbury, A UK tour, raising the roof at Golden Plains and a swathe of gigs in Europe, tell you that these guys have caught fire, having been learning their electro-pop trade from various Brisbane bands including Moses Gunn Collective for years.

Janet Planet (aka Grace “no names, no packdrill, no not the stateside jazz singer with the same pseudonym!”) hanging out by day at a funky startup in West End, performs in combination with the well-named Sugar Bones (aka Aidan “no names, no packdrill”), along with Reggie Goodchild and Clarence McGuffie (Lewis and Sam) under beekeeper hats.

Having witnessed this maelstrom of flailing limbs to a bass line that demanded attention with a massive tongue-in-cheek humour and a substantial dose of sass … you may want to get on down to BigSound here in Brisvegas in September.

This wild West End crowd has been booked! Assuming Janet Planet (ahem, Grace…) can find a decent chiropractor; Sugar Bones can continue his “confidence-inducing,” zero calorie intake diet; and ‘vegas doesn’t suffer from a mass bee infestation, these crazy cats will definitely be causing a minor earthquake across the Valley of Fortitude.

West End Boys and West End Girls … dududududu