AHEPA Hall West End Provides Flood Evacuation And Support Service to Inner-South Locals

Inner-south locals affected by what is turning out to be the worst Brisbane flooding in a decade can seek refuge and assistance at the AHEPA Hall evacuation and support centre in West End.

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AHEPA HALL, located 128 Boundary St, West End has been established as the flood evacuation and support centre for the inner-south side. 

Volunteers from Micah Projects, a community based not for profit organisation, will be there to provide flood support for individuals and families in the local area. Aside from accommodation, Micah Projects also assist those who need storage for belongings. 

As of 27 February 2022, floodwaters have affecred parts of West End have been, following more heavy rain overnight.

Micah Projects’ office will be open for phone calls 24/7. For further assistance, residents may phone the team on 3029 7000 and 3036 4444.

Emergency Kit Checklist

Evacuees are advised to bring the following items to the temporary shelter:

  • Mobile phone and charger 
  • Spare clothing
  • Toiletries
  • Important documents (e.g. insurance papers, passports, birth certificates, backup of computer files)
  • Necessary medication and prescriptions
  • Needs for infants such as formula or nappies
  • Bedding, pillow, and blankets

Brisbane City Council has a range of free tools and information to help residents understand how to receive free alert notices of severe thunderstorms, their property’s potential flood likelihood and how to prepare for destructive winds and potential flooding.

This includes the Flood Awareness Map which provides general awareness about the possibility of flooding in your local area. It also gives historic flooding information and information on different sources of flooding. Residents can also check the updated Flood Forecast Map to see if their property is at risk of flooding.

Council has advised residents, especially those who live in low-lying areas to stock up on sandbags and ensure their household has essentials and know when it’s time to leave.

Families With Pets

Anyone who has a pet or small animal and who is in need of evacuation should check for space and reach out to the evacuation centre at the Chandler Arena of the Sleeman Sports Complex, located on the corner of Old Cleveland Road and Tilley Road, Chandler.

For further assistance, residents may phone the evacuation team via 07 3403 8888.