Scody Receives Adaption Grant Following Face Mask Manufacture

West End cycling apparel shop Scody Australia has found an innovative way to survive this pandemic crisis with the help of the State Government’s Adaption Grant for businesses. 

Since April, Scody Australia has been manufacturing washable face masks to support its 17 workers. Despite the setback of cancelled sporting events like Cycling Queensland, Tour de Brisbane and Brisbane Cycling Fest due to the COVID-19 threat, this new focus is helping heaps of people. Scody workers are engaged and employed, while the face masks are reaching much-needed users, especially in the state of Victoria where the outbreaks have yet to be controlled.

Photo Credit: Scody/Facebook

Scody owner Bernard Schreiber said that they decided to shift part of their manufacturing process to face masks since they have the equipment and the materials.

Scoby’s face masks are not specifically for medical or health workers but it can protect from the virus, as well as encourage face mask wearers not to touch their faces. Their designs are a mix of trendy and cute prints for hobbyists and pet lovers. 

In the middle of August, Scody had a special visitor, MP Jackie Triad, who wanted to see how the apparel shop has been doing since receiving the business grant. 

“I popped in to see local grant recipient, SCODY Australia, and spent the morning with owners Bernard and Suzanne. They’re sports clothing manufacturers based here in West End,”  Ms Triad said. “At this tough time, they’ve managed to expand and refine their manufacturing processes – including launching their own range of face-masks that they make in-house, with their local team of workers. There’s been such a high demand for these products, especially from Victorians, and they’ve been a major help to people during this pandemic.” 

Photo Credit: Scody Australia

Scody has been in the sporting apparel business for 20 years and has sponsored many cycling events in Queensland.  Check out their face mask selections at their online store.