Have Your Say on the Dornoch Terrace Safety Improvements Project Concept Design

The concept design for the Dornoch Terrace safety improvements project — between Gladstone Road in Highgate Hill and Hardgrave Road in West End — has been released for public commenting. 

Dornoch Terrace is a section of the “Brisbane River Loop” which runs from the Brisbane  City to St Lucia University Campus, Indooroopilly, Chelmer, Yeerongpilly, Dutton Park, Highgate Hill, West End, and then back to the City. 

This section has been considered as a cycling black spot due to the number of recorded cycling crashes over the past five years. 

The safety improvements project thus will involve providing safe and continuous cycle facilities; reducing the speed of cyclists and vehicles; addressing safety concerns caused by vehicles turning; providing a signalised intersection at Hampstead Road and Dornoch Terrace; and improving pedestrian crossing points.

Dornoch Terrace Safety Improvements Project

Photo credit:  Brisbane City Council / yoursay.brisbane.qld.gov.au/dornochSIP

According to the concept design, Dornoch Terrace safety improvements project will deliver the following key improvements:

  • Continuous bike lanes on both sides of the road – Bike lanes on both sides of Dornoch Terrace will be upgraded, which will involve the construction of a 1.2km dedicated safe space for cyclists between Gladstone Road and Doris Street.
  • Reduced-speed shared space – a shared space for cyclists and motorists at the intersection of Dornoch Terrace, Ganges Street, and Hardgrave Road. 

The shared space will have a reduced speed limit of 30 km/hr and will feature an extended raised speed platform and two new zebra crossings: across Ganges Street near Dornoch Terrace and across Hardgrave Road near Ganges Street.  

  • Signalised intersection at Hampstead Road and Dornoch Terrace – This will involve the installation of traffic signals and pedestrian crossings at the intersection.
  • Slip lane at Gladstone Road – improvement of Gladstone Road slip lane onto Dornoch Terrace is also proposed which will include improvements to the cycling connection and construction of a new bike lane.
  • New pedestrian crossing points – Three new pedestrian crossing points are also proposed to be constructed: near Dauphin Terrace, near Sankey Street, and west of Colville Street.
  • Access to Dornoch Terrace service road – This will be an entry-only access from Dornoch Terrace onto the  service road which connects to Boundary Street.
  • Intersection changes -Changes to the form of the road at the intersections of Dornoch Terrace and Katrine Street; Dornoch Terrace and Colville Street; Dornoch Terrace and Colton Street; Dornoch Terrace and Carlton Street
  • Traffic calming – Changing the form of the road such as kerb build-outs and slow points to reduce operating speeds.

The public is invited to have their say on the concept design for the Dornoch Terrace safety improvements project by completing the Council’s online the survey by Friday 25 October 2019.