Hundred Types of Gin, Immense Gardens at Upcoming Covent Garden at West End

After closing Lock ‘n’ Load, the bistro’s owners are refurbishing the space to create a modern gin house.

Covent Garden will be serving more than a hundred types of gin to patrons at the former Lock ‘n’ Load location at 142 Boundary Street in West End.

True to its name, Covent Garden will feature a refreshing tropical garden, where guests can relax and enjoy the quenching drinks the bar can offer. The venue will have upper and lower courtyards, a stained-glass skydome and a balcony with a view of Boundary Street.

The multi-level gin joint will offer a wide selection of Australian craft gins, ciders and craft beers on tap. Food at the gin bar is sure to go well with the drinks. The menu would include to-share boards, roast lamb shoulder, smoked salmon and boutique sandwiches.

Adapting to Development

The new gin joint took inspiration from West End, London’s Covent Garden, which used to be a fruit and vegetable market. After massive traffic and development engulfed the area, Covent Garden was transformed to cater to the broader demand. Today, it is a popular shopping and dining destination bursting with history and culture.

The Brisbane Covent Garden can relate to the London story. As high-rise developments flourish around the West End suburb, the owners of the former Lock ‘n’ Load bistro felt that there is a need for a grander change.

The venue is expected to open on 16 November 2017.

Covent Garden will be giving away a double pass to its launch party. Sign up for updates to enter the draw.