Build-to-Rent Development Proposed in West End

A proposal for a five-storey mixed-use development under a “build-to-rent” model, with a ground level retail space and residential accommodation, on Vulture Street, West End has been lodged.

The proposal by developer Property Projects Q seeks to develop four above- ground level residential accommodations on a 798sqm site located at 45-49 Vulture Street, comprising 36 medium density units functioning under a “build-to-rent” model, plus retail tenancies to be located at the ground floor.

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“The development is proposed under the ‘build-to-rent’ model, with all units to be held in single ownership (and management), enabling a high degree of control over the delivery of the proposed residential arrangements, tenant mix, and management of key operational aspects,” Mewing Planning Consultants Assessment Report said.

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The proposal, designed by WMK Architecture, will provide Rooming Accommodation, Multiple Dwelling, and Short-term Accommodation.The Rooming Accommodation, the assessment report said, will likely be the primary and most-aligned use of the building because of the shared nature of the facilities such as the laundry and drying area, and the communal recreation area.

There will be 32 one-bedroom apartments and four two-bedroom units (one per each residential level) with shared facilities at each level: communal dining space, communal laundry and drying area; a 230sqm communal rooftop space with a large outdoor terrace, vegetable gardens, shaded kitchen, barbecue, dining and seating area; and communal car parking arrangements.

The car parking area for residential accommodation with 12 parking spaces will be comprised of six visitor and six car share spaces — intended to be operated by GoGet or a similar operator. There will be a dedicated bicycle storage at the ground level which includes 40 resident bicycle spaces and 10 visitor bicycle spaces.

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Ground Floor | Photo Credit: Brisbane City Council /

Level 1 | Photo Credit: Brisbane City Council /

Floor Plan | Photo Credit: Brisbane City Council /

Floor Plan Roof Terrace | Photo Credit: Brisbane City Council /

The Ground Floor retail space will consist of Centre Activities including a shop, food and drink outlets, and office. Pedestrian access is provided to Vulture, Bond, and Exeter Streets whilst vehicular access is provided to Exeter Street (ingress) and Bond Street (egress).

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The development intends to cater to residents comprising of key workers, para-professionals, young professionals, researchers, and students, who typically don’t have dependents and require rental levels lower than what is prevailing in the market.

“Despite the volume of unit approvals and construction in recent years in Brisbane, including on the West End peninsula, there is a notable gap in the West End market for the types of residents identified above, at a reasonable rental cost. 

“Those residents have been somewhat limited in access to West End housing by expensive luxury stock, and larger apartments intended to appeal to families with children seeking placements in highly sought-after local schools.”