West End Community Gets Great Weekend Vibe at Boundary Street Markets

Every weekend, West End locals get to relax, unwind and enjoy great food and drinks with family and friends at their favourite weekend markets.

Boundary Street Markets, located at the corner of Russell and Boundary St, offers the community an open-air venue where they can try out different dishes from all over the world.

Locals can try eclectic, unique and simply yummy food and treats from Turkey, Italy, France, Spain, Malaysia, Japan, Korea and India.

The weekend hangout used to be located at Boundary cor. Mollison St., but it was closed after building construction started in the area. Local businesses then came together to find a new venue for the markets.

Something for Everyone

Boundary Street Markets makes sure that there’s something for everyone visiting. Whether you’re looking to try something new, something healthy, something sweet or simply want some cold beer or warm coffee, their quality food stalls can give you the delectable treat you are looking for.

The venue is home to several local businesses, talented artisans and craft makers showcasing their handiworks, vintage clothing, jewellery, plants and planters, vinyl records and hand-made products.

Feel the vibe of the Boundary Street Markets in West End.

Different Markets Every Week

Every Sunday, the venue hosts a different type of market. There is a Kids Markets on every first Sunday of the month. Everything for kids, young people and babies will be featured on that Sunday.

Second Sunday of the month is a day for vegans, vegan traders and anyone who just want to grab some healthy eats. Visit the Brisbane Vegan Markets to find a variety of vegan foods from across the globe, vegan cosmetics, ethical clothing and charities.

The Rainbow Markets is held every third Sunday of the month, featuring fresh and local produce, fashion products and handmade crafts.

The Vindie Markets is hosted every fourth Sunday of the month and features more than 50 stalls covering anything gypsy, hippy, vintage, and indie. Look for pre-loved clothes, hand-made jewellery, dreamcatchers, gemstones, and anything mystic and organic.

Find more information about the weekend markets at www.boundarystreetmarkets.com.au.

Want to go to Boundary Street Markets? Get directions here.