New Biryani Restaurant To Open In West End

Chef Khalid Ahmed’s biryani has a loyal online following. Now, he is excited to finally bring his signature dish directly to West End diners at his own restaurant, Biryani Place.

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Biryani Place, located at Browning St, will serve Chef Khalid’s signature Indian dish, curries, naan, and his version of mandi, a traditional dish from Yemen that combines rice, meat, and spices.

Biryani Place is preparing to open on 10 December 2021.

It will be an intimate, 40-seat restaurant that will also have outdoor seating for those who prefer to dine al-fresco style. Whilst the place will be dominated by black, they will be featuring lots of greenery and Indian monument paintings, to brighten up the space. 

As the name of the restaurant suggests, the star on the menu will be biryani, which will be offered in four varieties: chicken, goat, lamb, and vegetarian. Chef Khalid, who has more than a decade of experience cooking biryani, makes sure his signature dish will only be made of the best local ingredients. 

What sets his biryani apart from other restaurants is the technique of cooking and the quality of ingredients. Chef Khalid is planning to source only the finest ingredients for his biryani, including rice, meat and saffron.

Chef Khalid will be teaming up with business partners Haseeb Khan and Anwar Syed as well as his wife Ameena who will be helping him in the kitchen for the curries, which include goat curry, dahl, butter chicken, and korma (meat/veggie braised with yoghurt, cream, and stock) in chicken, lamb, and vegetable options.