Queensland Police Encourages Cyclists to Register Bicycles in West End Serial Hub

The Queensland Police Service is urging cyclists to register their bicycles to the West End Serial Hub, allowing them to maintain a permanent record of bicycle serial numbers.

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This measure aims to facilitate the recovery process in the unfortunate event of bike theft. By recording their serial number and presenting it to the police, cyclists can enhance the chances of reuniting with their stolen bicycles.

This initiative aims to address the challenge posed by the fact that many individuals are unaware of their bicycle’s serial number, making the process of retrieving a stolen bike considerably more complex.

West End Serial Hub
Photo credit: Queensland Police Service

To find the serial number, bike owners are advised to check underneath the bottom bracket, where the two pedal cranks meet. If it is not located there, they should inspect other areas such as the front headset or rear stays. 

The registration process involves filling out an online form that, upon completion, will generate an email containing the recorded serial number. This email is recommended to be retained by the bike owner, providing a permanent and easily accessible record for future reference, should the need arise.

The information obtained through this form will be exclusively used by police officers and staff for investigative purposes. Queensland Police have assured the public that the data will be securely stored and will not be utilised for any other purposes.

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By maintaining accurate records and cooperating with law enforcement, cyclists can play an active role in combatting bike theft and increasing the chances of having their precious two-wheelers returned to them.

Queensland Police are encouraging all bike riders to take advantage of the West End Serial Hub, as it will greatly aid in the recovery of stolen bicycles. For further information and to register your bicycle, visit mypolice.qld.gov.au

Published 25-May-2023